Move forward… look backward!

It seems rather strange that the bicycle doesn’t come equipped with the basic accessories that motorbikes do. For example a brake (tail) light, indicators, or even rear view mirrors. Even with the relatively slower speeds of bicycles, compared to motorbikes, accidents do occur and can be pretty ugly.

Here’s the RearViz, your hand-mounted convex rear view mirror that allows you to look behind you. It comes flat-packed, and can open out to reveal the mirror and even adjust in 360° to point whe…
Yanko Design

Maker Bre Pettis talks about the way forward for tech in this new century

<img width="680" height="383" src="" class="attachment-large size-large wp-post-image" alt="Bre Pettis Discusses the Latest Makerbot Versions Onstage at CES" srcset=" 680w, 150w, 300w, https://t…