Facebook Takes Another Stab at Neutralizing Fake News

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Stung by charges that it allowed fake news stories to proliferate during the 2016 election cycle, Facebook has begun rolling out broadly a feature meant to regain the trust of its members. The tool effectively will surround questionable stories with related news stories offering different perspectives — a strategy intended to help readers discern where the truth lies. Facebook this spring began testing a feature that offers different takes on stories fact checkers have disputed as false, including coverage by legitimate news organizations….

Ex-Yahoo CEO: Facebook Turning Into Twitter Due To Fake News


Facebook is becoming more like Twitter as the most popular social media network on the planet is getting increasingly politicized and filled with “more and more fake news,” according to Ross Levinsohn, former Chief Executive Officer at Yahoo who also served as the President of Fox Interactive Media. In a Friday call with CNBC,¬†Levinsohn stated that the Facebook-owned Instagram lately turned into a service that Facebook itself used to be, an online platform where people go to see what their family and friends are doing. The 53-year-old expressed that sentiment while commenting on Snap’s first earnings report and the inevitable comparisons between Snapchat and Facebook th…
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Germany Could Ding Facebook for Fake News

The frenzied 2016 election cycle mercifully is over, but Facebook’s fake news problem isn’t going away. The company may face steep fines in Germany if it fails to address it satisfactorily. A bill slated for consideration next year would establish fines of up to $ 500,000 euros per day for each day that a fake news stor…