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UK regulator says ICO investors should be ‘prepared to lose your entire stake’

 The UK’s markets regulator has added its voice to warning calls from across the world around the dangers of ICO investing. ICOs, also known as token sales, have brought in an estimated $ 1.7 billion in crypto token investment for companies this year, but… TechCrunch

HTC considering spinning off Vive, potentially selling entire company

HTC isn’t doing so well in the smartphone business. The big players like Apple and Samsung are dominating the market. Despite the U11 bringing profits up, who knows how long the company can keep that up. It’s frankly sad to see this from the beloved company that created the first Android phone. This has caused […]


LinkOptimizer for InDesign Now Can Batch Process Entire Subfolder Tree

Zevrix Solutions announces LinkOptimizer 5.1.3, a feature update to company’s image processing automation solution for Adobe InDesign. LinkOptimizer helps users reduce InDesign link size automatically by scaling and cropping images to their InDesign dimensions while reducing their resolution to the desired target. The new version lets users batch process InDesign files from the entire subfolder […]

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Apple Is Moving Its Entire International iTunes Business To Ireland

Starting February 5th, Apple will be moving its entire international iTunes business from Luxembourg to its European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, according to a note sent to developers this week. The non-U.S. iTunes business consists of Apple Music and the individual stores for iTunes, iBooks and Apps. Internationally, iTunes is available in over 140 countries, […]