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Dragon Quest Builders

Available on Nintendo Switch (version tested), PS4

There’s something about Dragon Quest that seems to lend itself to hybrids. Maybe it’s the bright and breezy cartoon style. Maybe it’s the charming sense of humour, the way it doesn’t take itself as seriously as your average JRPG monster franchise.

To my mind, the two Dragon Quest Heroes games merged Dragon Quest and Koei Tecmo’s Warrior series with better results than Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors, while 2016’s Dragon Quest Builders worked miracles with Dragon Quest and Minecraft. Dragon Quest Builders was overlooked by many on its PS4 release, but it now has a second shot at stardom on the Ninten…
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Dragon Ball FighterZ review

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a match made in heaven. It’s that rare licensed game that comes from the marriage of a developer and franchise who are perfect for each other. What Rocksteady did for Batman, what Rare did for James Bond and what BioWare did for Star Wars, Japanese studio Arc System Works has done for Dragon Ball. The result is an exciting, exuberant and surprisingly rewarding brawler that’s one of the best fighting games I’ve played, and it’s not just for genre enthusiasts either.

The first thing that strikes you is …

After a month-long stay at the space station, Dragon capsule returns to Earth

A SpaceX Dragon capsule loaded with cargo and scientific experiments returned from its second trip to the International Space Station, marking the first time both a Falcon 8 rocket and a Dragon capsule had been reused together for a mission.

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New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailers Show Off Tien And Yamcha’s Moves

Bandai Namco isn’t keeping anything from its Dragon Ball fans. Earlier this month, the team revealed three new playable fighters for its forthcoming fighter Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android-21, Yamcha, and Tien. At the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, we finally got to see all three in action.

The mysterious and Dragon Ball FighterZ exclusive character Android-21 was included in the trailer drop for each of the characters; for more details on her and her role in the title, head on over to our Bandai Namco TGS trailer roundup.

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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 94 Release Date, Spoilers: Frieza Fights Against Other Teams Before The Tournament Begins

Dragon Ball Super episode 93 was released a few days ago, meaning that fans are now eagerly waiting for the next episode to arrive. The past few episodes of the series have been really interesting as they have focused on how Goku has managed to find a replacement for Majin Buu. As we all know, […]

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SpaceX successfully launches reused Dragon spacecraft for ISS resupply

 SpaceX’s CRS-11 launch on Saturday was a success, bringing a Dragon spacecraft loaded down with nearly 6,000 lbs of supplies and research equipment on board to orbit. The twist was that SpaceX already sent this Dragon capsule up to resupply the International Space Station once before – back in September 2014, when it carried cargo to the ISS prior to being recovered and… Read More


SpaceX To Refly a Dragon Cargo Spacecraft

Thelasko writes: Tomorrow’s scheduled resupply mission to the International Space Station will mark the second time its Dragon capsule has visited the station. Ars Technica reports: “This particular Dragon spacecraft was sent to the International Space Station in September 2014, and it delivered nearly 2.5 tons of cargo to the orbiting laboratory. The Dragon returned to Earth about a month later, splashing down into the ocean. It is not clear how much processing SpaceX has had to undertake to ready the spacecraft for its second flight to the station, nor has the company released a cost estimate. It also had to manufacture a new ‘trunk,’ the unpressurized rear section of the vehicle, and sola…