Don’t Hit! – Defy Gravity and speed through a course of twists and turns


California based Selosoft, Inc. today introduces Don’t Hit! 1.0, an easy-to-learn, hard to master, one-touch game for iOS devices. Players control a triangle as it speeds through an endless course of chaotic twists and turns. Gravity will pull the triangle down relative to its orientation and players must press their finger on the screen to counter the gravitational pull. Collecting cubes will increase their score, but they must be careful to avoid the walls, as a collision will end their run….
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Don’t Hold Your Breath for an iPhone Edition

Don’t Hold Your Breath for an iPhone Edition

After my link today to Greg Koenig’s excellent explanation for why the new ceramic Apple Watch Edition does not presage the use of a similar material in next year’s iPhone (in short: Apple needs to produce up to one million iPhones per day, and the …

Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition Case with Holster for iPhone 7 – Violet
*Extreme Edition – A naked phone can feel delicate in our hand, especially when most of our day is spent in rugged, unforgiving en…

Gadget Guard The Black Ice Edition Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6s/7
Custom Designed and Manufactured for the Apple iPhone 7. The optical grade tempered glass is incredibly strong, scratch resistant …

Speck Products CandyShell Inked Luxury Edition Case for iPhone 6 Plus/6S Plus – Retail Packaging-Shimmering Rose/Cabernet Red
Speck’s Luxury Edition Inked cases bring together elegant designs with lustrous materials for top-quality case construction featur…

Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition Case w/Beltclip for iPhone 7 Rose T21-5335
Tech21 Evo Tactical Extreme Edition Case w/Beltclip for iPhone 7 Rose T21-5335…

Don’t be this idiot who knifed a store demo Galaxy S8 to test its durability


Modern smartphones are pretty tough. The Galaxy S8 remarkably so. But don’t test it using equipment that isn’t yours.

There’s a cottage industry of people destroying phones on camera for entertainment. From Will it blend? to drop and scratch tests, the world loves to see how far we can push the glass and metal that comprise the protective layer of our pocket computers.

But when you decide to destroy a phone, make sure it’s yours.

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E-ink hybrid YotaPhone 3 announced, but don’t expect to see it anywhere outside of Asia


Yo dawg, we heard you like e-ink.

Remember the YotaPhone and the YotaPhone 2? They were those crazy phones from Russian manufacturer Yota that had a regular screen on one side and an e-ink display on the other. The first one pretty much sucked but the second version was not completely terrible, though it never made it to the U.S. as promised. Well, there’s going to be a third model.

You can flip to the ePaper panel in direct sunlight and laugh at the mere mortals who cower in the shade to che…
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What People Don’t Get About Tesla

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Tesla is like Apple in that it represents a revolution in thinking. Although everyone seems to focus on the electric power plant, that is really a small part of the Tesla revolution, and I’m convinced that if Musk were to launch an almost-identical company but with gas engines, it would cut through the market like a hot knife through butter. In terms of volume, the electric part isn’t as much a sales accelerant as it is an impediment. Although Tesla’s valuation exceeds GM and Ford at times, old-time car company executives believe it will fail….