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Google Arts and Culture selfie artwork matching functionality rolled out in India

Google introduced a capability to search for possible matching artworks based on the captured selfie with the help of Google Arts and Culture app. The feature was introduced in the US and now the selfie feature is available for users based in India.

Google Arts and Culture app will automatically match user selfie with art from a wide range of collections of museums available on the platform. Your selfie will be delivered to Google and the system will match all possible options before presenting to you the best three artwork that matches your face specifications.

Google Arts and Culture app make use of the computer vision technology to match a selfie…

Silicon Valley Punished Some Badly Behaved Men In 2017. Now, It Needs To Fix Its Broken Culture.

Rose Wong for BuzzFeed News

As hard as it is to believe now, on Feb. 19, when Susan Fowler published a lengthy personal blog post about being discriminated against and harassed at Uber, it initially seemed like the company would be able to quickly address the allegations and move on.

At the time, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick released a statement saying, “what she describes is abhorrent and against everything Uber sta…
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UK’s Gambling Commission seems helpless on the issue of Loot Box culture in games

With the uprise in loot box culture in almost all the modern games, people raised questions on government officials and especially, the UK government was pressurized to work for it. But it seems like the UK Gambling Commission has raised hands from this issue of gaming microtransactions. The gaming microtransactions have been there for quite a long time but now, the things are changing and in popular games like SW BF 2 where you have to pay to proceed.

The Government of UK’s Reaction


How Uber’s hard-charging corporate culture left employees drained, according to interviews with over two dozen sources (BuzzFeed)

How Uber’s hard-charging corporate culture left employees drained, according to interviews with over two dozen sources  —  After a highly publicized corporate meltdown this spring, Uber is working to repair a culture employees and observers say is aggressive, cutthroat, and demanding.


Google celebrates the Chinese New Year with new Doodle, Arts & Culture project

Today marks the 2017 Chinese New Year also know as the Lunar New Year. This holiday — known in mainland China as the Spring Festival — marks the end of winter and the start of spring. Plus, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster!

<a href="https://9to5google.com/2017/01/28/google-celebrates-the-chinese-new-year-with-new-doodle-arts-cult…