Intel’s 8C/16T Coffee Lake-based processors to give a tough time to Core i7-8700K processors

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While the companies will be showcasing their mid-range tech productions at the upcoming Computex, Intel is ready to steal the show! How? With these 2 flagship offerings: Coffee Lake-based 8C/16T processor Z390 chipset We have thoroughly discussed the Z390 previously and it’s time to know more of the new 8C/16T variant of Intel’s Coffee Lake … Read more

Intel’s Coffee Lake makes six-core mainstream

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Coffee Lake is both a significant upgrade to Intel’s mainstream CPU line, and one of the longest delays between meaningful improvements. If you’re an enthusiast who’s already upgraded to a six-core, 12-thread (6C12T) processor, Coffee Lake might not seem like a big deal. We’ve had such chips since Gulftown on socket LGA1366 in 2010, although … Read more