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How to choose a solar charger: step by step instructions and 7 important notes

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Surely this situation is familiar to you: you are away from the mains (on the beach, in nature, in transport), and your depleted phone 20 minutes ago stopped publishing a plaintive squeak and disconnected without permission. Suddenly, you understand: you need to urgently call the boss (colleague, friend, relatives). This … Continue reading

Apple iPhone X 2018 to come with a Fast Charger (Leak)

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Apple’s iPhone X is in much need of essential accessory upgrades, while the company does provide them, they come at a premium which isn’t acceptable when you phone costs more than $ 1000. However, it looks like Apple has acknowledged this issue and with the upcoming Apple iPhone X2 and … Continue reading

Qi Enabled Wireless Charger – Supports iPhone Samsung Galaxy and more

QI Enabled Wireless Charger

QI Enabled Wireless Charger This QI  enables charger has a single coil and uses electromagnetic induction to charge a full range of wireless charging enabled devices. Compatible with a full range of phones including iPhone 8, 8Plus, X, Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, S7, S7 Edge, Note 8, Note 7, Note … Continue reading