Razer may be considering building a phone for gamers


Razer is no stranger to smartphones, having bought Nextbit earlier this year. Now reports are saying the company might be building a phone specifically for gamers.

The company already has mobile apps for its services like Cortex as well as a wearable device, so a phone isn’t a stretch. We don’t know if it would be under the Razer or Nextbit name, but the focus on gamers hints at the former.

The company is planning an IPO in Hong Kong around October, and it could use those funds for the device. Niche devices rarely work out well, but we’re excited to see what Razer can come up with. Are you interested in a gamer-centric smartphone? Leave a comment!

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The Building Blocks of Electronic Music

The modularity movement has hit the music industry too, as can be seen with the Roli Blocks. Designed by Roli, the same people who made the Seaboard Rise that won the Good Design Award last year, the Blocks are a series of MIDI controllers that work on similar principles as the Seaboard, giving musicians a level of fluidity that you don’t see in key-based instruments. The touch sensitive backlit LED surface intelligently tracks taps, slides (on both X and Y axes) and even senses pressure, allowing for a …
Yanko Design

Building a Garage

Building a Garage

Building a Garage is a practical, step-by-step guide which covers all aspects of the build from the planning and design stage through to construction and completion. Whether you would like to build a garage yourself or employ a builder, whether you want to construct a double or a single garage, whether you wish to build with bricks or wood, and whether you require a garage just to house your car or also to provide storage and workshop facilities, this is the book for you. Covers the various types of garage that can be constructed including those made from bricks and blocks, pre-cast concrete slabs, and softwood and hardwood timber, examines planning permission, building regulations, obtaining quotations, finding a builder, hiring plant and equipment, risk assessment, safety, insurance, how to obtain professional advice, site preparation and waste disposal. The author pays particular attention to building the foundations and constructing a solid base which are essential for all types of garages, and discusses all other aspects of construction, including the damp course, drainage, ventilation, the walls, lintels, joists, the door and window frames, all the different kinds of roofs and the installation of garage doors, including those operated by remote control. Separate chapters consider oak-frame garages, inspection pits and different types of driveway. Superbly illustrated with 180 colour photographs and diagrams and with a helpful list of key points at each chapter end.
Price: $ 24.99
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Ryzen 5 1600X: Building a versatile work-and-play PC with AMD’s 6-core CPU champion

Ryzen 5 1600X: Building a versatile work-and-play PC with AMD’s 6-core CPU champion

The Ryzen 5 1600X is here, and AMD’s affordable processor is just as disruptive as the high-end Ryzen 7 CPUs. Hell, maybe even more so. Sure, the 1600X still isn’t quite as fast as the 7600K in some games, but Ryzen nevertheless games like a champ when …
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Minecraft Player Spends 232 Hours Building Apple Campus 2


Apple’s spaceship-shaped campus in Cupertino, California has been under construction for several years and is one of the most expensive, ambitious buildings in the United States.

While Apple has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the campus, which is slated to open later this year, Minecraft player Alex Westerlund has been building a Minecraft version of Apple’s second campus.

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