6 lesser-known browsers: Free, lightweight and low-maintenance

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Mainstream Web browsers such as Edge, Firefox and Chrome provide a huge set of browsing and configuration features that make these browsers highly customizable. However, these features can have have a negative impact on the browser’s speed and memory footprint.

In fact, many users do not require all those features — especially developers, who want to work quickly and without unnecessary frills. Happily, there are alternative Web browsers that are simple, fast and light on memory resources.

In this article, I examine five lesser-known free Web browsers: Dillo, Epiphany, Konqueror, Lynx and Midori. While they are all Linux-based browsers, three…
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6 awesome web browsers for iPhone


Browsing the web on a smartphone is not as difficult as it once seemed. Check out list of the best web browsers for the iPhone, so you can peruse the web using something other than Safari.

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Pwn2Own 2017 Takes Aim at Linux, Servers and Web Browsers

Pwn2Own 2017 Takes Aim at Linux, Servers and Web Browsers

The Pwn2Own 2017 event is co-located at the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, Canada, set for March 15-17. The 2017 event is sponsored by … but in 2017, the open-source Linux operating system has finally made the target list. Pwn2Own researchers …
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