Google Beings Work on ‘Pik’, A New Lossy Image Format


Google is always working on different projects and such, and it appears that now it is working on Pik, which is a new lossy image format and it appears to be succeeding Webp, which Google officially announced in 2010. Pik is on Github, under Google’s account, so it is a Google project, but the readme that is listed on Github states that it is not an official Google project. This likely means that Google won’t be offering up any support for Pik just yet. Google also notes that this is in the early research phase, so there’s very little done with Pik just yet, and it’s pretty rough for now.

The documents on the Github don’t actually unveil much informat… |

Google says it will use mix of AI and human beings to identify & remove extremist YouTube videos


Google has pledged to use a mix of artificial intelligence and human beings to identify and remove extremist videos from YouTube.

The move was prompted when a failure in YouTube’s existing filters saw ads from governments and major brands appear within and alongside hate videos. These included videos of former Ku Klux Klan official and holocaust denier David Duke, as well as Steven Anderson, a preacher banned from Britain after praising the terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando …

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