Verizon Brings More Data to Prepaid Plans, Beginning June 6th


Verizon has just announced some changes to their prepaid plans, that will take effect on June 6th. The company is keeping its unlimited plan at $ 80/month. However the cheaper options are changing a bit. Prices are remaining the same, but Verizon is offering more data to customers at these price points. That’s something that everyone can appreciate, especially with 5G just around the corner.

The cheapest plan will net you 3GB of data for just $ 40/month, next up is 7GB for $ 50/month and then 10GB for $ 60/month. These are some pretty good options, and are pretty much in-line with what other prepaid carriers – like MetroPCS, and Cricket – are currently offering. Veri… |

Why iOS 10.3 The Beginning of a New Future

Why iOS 10.3 The Beginning of a New Future

Brought to you in partnership with Wakanda. Apple knows how to keep its users engaged. After 7 beta releases, they have finally launched the iOS 10.3 for the masses. This doesn’t end the good news. The real news is that after installing the new OS on …