Avoid the mouse trap: Old habits wreck new tech

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Don’t look now, but your desktop user interface dates back to the Nixon administration. Is it time to upgrade to the next UI?

New technologies revolutionize business. And big shifts like artificial intelligent (AI) virtual assistants and augmented reality seem to have gone from “someday” technologies, to “happening right now.”

These technologies are expected to transform business for the better. And I believe they will — far more than we realize. These new systems come with powerful new user interfaces. There’s just one problem: People don’t like new interfaces — and cling to the old, inefficient ones.

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Mingis on Tech: How IT can prep for robots and avoid big cloud gotchas

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If it seems like the day when robots invade the workplace is drawing ever closer, that’s because it is. But they’re not necessarily coming for our jobs — at least, not yet. In fact, they’re more likely to be taking over menial tasks so that workers can get back to the business of being more productive.

But the coming robotics revolution is going to require a lot of changes to IT, according to Computerworld’s Sharon Gaudin — and before it gets here, a lot of planning. New employees will need to be hired — Chief Robotics Officer anyone? — and current techies will need to bolster their skills.

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The Best Ways to Find Misplaced Items and Avoid Losing Them

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One thing I almost never fail to lose is chapstick. For other people, it’s their keys, sunglasses, or wallet that always go missing. And while it sucks to misplace stuff and feel like you’re going crazy, it’s also just something that inevitably happens. Here’s how you can methodically find things again.

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