Texas Confirms Legality Of Autonomous Car Tests

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Autonomous vehicles have been driving around Texas for months due to them not being explicitly banned, but that has also left them with an unclear legal status. Now, governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill that explicitly makes autonomous vehicle tests legal in the state.


Tim Cook Confirms Apple’s Focus on Autonomous Driving Systems


Apple CEO Tim Cook has spoken to Bloomberg to clarify for the first time the company’s intentions in the automotive market, following several reports in recent months indicating that the company has put its ambitions to build a car on the back-burner.

“We’re focusing on autonomous systems,” Cook said in an interview on Bloomberg Television. “It’s a core technology that we view as very important.”

“We sort of see it as the mother of all AI projects,” Cook said in his most detailed comme…
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Honda Vision 2030: Mass Production of Autonomous Electric Cars


Japanese automobile giants Honda Motor Co are planning to future proof the company by developing autonomous electric cars. On Thursday, the company talked about plans – as part of its Honda Vision – to develop autonomous cars which would be commercially available by 2025. Car industry has seen a major shift in future visions as […]

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Will Future Autonomous Cars Fly Like Birds or Tunnel Like Moles?

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It is kind of amazing how much advancement is going on in the autonomous car space. A year ago, we were mostly talking about cars that seemed comparatively boring, because they just drove on the surface. How quaint — how 2016. Now when we mention “boring,” we may be talking about Elon Musk’s new underground tunneling idea. However, a little company called “Airbus” disagrees. It plans to start testing its autonomous flying car this year in Silicon Valley — I expect so it can buzz Musk’s Tesla plant there….

You could one day soon buy a Toyota with Nvidia autonomous driving smarts

Computing powerhouse Nvidia has teamed up with Toyota to introduce enhanced autonomous driving capabilities to cars in the coming years.

The two will bring Nvidia's Drive PX AI platform to Toyota vehicles, aiming to put such cars on the road by 2020. Nvidia announced the partnership with Toyota at its GTC 2017 GPU conference in San Jose on Wednesday.

Nvidia touted its team up with one of the world's leading car manufacturers. While Toyota is already working on autonomous driving features, the goal is to bolster those with Nvidia's Drive PX.

"We're combining breakthroughs in AI and high performance computing to  build Nvidia Drive PX, the bra…
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