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How Apple, Google and Microsoft are addressing the KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability

Ah, WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access): you've protected our Wi-Fi so well for so many years now. Unfortunately, that illusion of safety was shattered earlier today when security researcher Mathy Vanhoef reported a vulnerability in the WPA2 handshake protocol that he's calling KRACK (for "Key Reinstallation Attack). Since almost every modern Wi-Fi device uses it, that […]


Steam: Valve Is Addressing “Review-Bombing” And Here’s How

In the wake of new PewDiePie controversy, Valve has announced that it’s making some changes to Steam User Reviews to mitigate some problems related to “review bombing.” After PewDiePie’s latest outburst, the developer of Firewatch called out the outspoken streamer and said it would issue DMCA takedown notices against his Firewatch videos. Not everyone took […]

Next iPad Pro: Outdated Retina Display Needs Addressing

Next iPad Pro: Outdated Retina Display Needs Addressing The iPad Pro is officially the bestselling tablet from Apple and this explains why the tech giant has decided to discontinue the iPad Air. If that is not enough, the iPad Mini is also tipped to get discontinued in the future thus giving the iPad Pro … […]