Apple Acquires Eye-Tracking Company For Virtual And Augmented Reality


Tech giant Apple has successfully procured an eye-tracking company, SensoMotoric Instruments – a firm which is beneficial for both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) applications. In a statement given to Fortune, one of the Apple representatives confirmed the acquisition by stating: “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time; and we generally […]

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Apple acquires German company that may hold key to AR future


Apple may have just made a key acquisition that could help the company create a truly revolutionary augmented reality headset. According to a new report, German eye-tracking company SensoMotoric Instruments has been purchased by an Apple shell company, giving the iPhone-maker access the company’s trove of patents related to eye-tracking glasses and other systems. News […]

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News: Apple acquires automation app Workflow


Photo: TechCrunch Apple has acquired Workflow, a popular automation tool that allows users to tie together various apps on the iOS platform to create macro-like stored procedures, TechCrunch reports. While the financial terms of the deal are not yet available, the report suggests that it was a “solid payday” for the small team of developers. In the deal, Apple is not only acquiring the Workflow app, but also the team of Ari Weinstein,… …
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Apple Acquires Popular Automation App Workflow


Apple has acquired well-known and popular automation app Workflow, reports TechCrunch. The deal was reportedly finalized today for an unspecified sum.

Workflow, first released in 2014, is an automation tool that can essentially do anything. It allows users to create a variety of workflows to accomplish tasks like creating GIFs from a series of photos, pulling images from a web page, translating an article, posting photos to multiple social networks at once, calculating a tip, and tons more.

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IDG Contributor Network: Sage acquires Fairsail: Is this Salesforce-based strategy going to work?

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A year or two ago I attended Sage’s global summit in New Orleans when the company announced its new client-side accounting software solution built upon Salesforce’s platform. Sage’s CEO, Stephen Kelly, was quick to wax poetic about how the Salesforce platform was the ideal tool on which to build a solution — pointing to the fact that Sage didn’t need to reinvent the wheel and could leverage Salesforce’s investment in its battle-hardened p…
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Citrix acquires Unidesk for its layering technology


Citrix acquires Unidesk for its layering technology

Citrix has announced that it has acquired Unidesk, a company that created layering. The technology allows for the separation of Windows applications from the operating system. The value of the acquisition was not disclosed. What we do know, however, is …
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