Google Photos gains ability to suggest images for you to archive


Just a week after learning a new archive trick, Google Photos is adding another feature to its arsenal.

The Google Photos app will now suggest images that it thinks you’ll want to archive. The Assistant will pop up with the photos that you may want to file away into your archive, and you can review all of the suggestions before you actually do any archiving.

If you do decide to archive the photos, you can always access them again by popping open the left hand menu and tapping Archive.

Archiving can be handy for cleaning up your main Google Photos feed, but going through and manually selecting images to archive can be an arduous task, especially if you’ve got a lar…
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Google Home Still Lacks The Ability To Create Reminders


Google Home still lacks the ability to create calendar reminders just by using your voice, which is seemingly a pretty simple task that the device should be able to handle with little to no effort on its part. Alas, the smart speaker just recently had a small update which brought in multi-user support and unfortunately for those with a Google Home speaker that may be waiting on this function, the capability to create reminders or add calendar appointments was not included. This is a feature which will be added to Google Home’s list of skills at some point, it’s just unclear when that is going to be.

Why Google Home doesn’t have this option yet is unclear, but Goog… |

Samsung blocks ability to remap Galaxy S8’s Bixby button

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Samsung blocks ability to remap Galaxy S8’s Bixby button

Samsung has blocked the ability to remap the Bixby hardware button on the Galaxy S8, a representative confirmed on Twitter. Eight reasons the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are good for business Samsung is the most popular Android smartphone maker and has …
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