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How data science has changed the digital world

It is proven that everything leaves a data footprint and this data can be highly useful for finding new insights. From every click or tap on one’s digital device to any kind of data entry to the search engine or any public database, everything is a source of raw data....

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Best Social Media Business Tools You Must Use in 2020

It is impossible to start a business without establishing a social media presence. Social media is the perfect way to establish free advertising for your brand. However, since there are many social media platforms, building your profile requires a lot of work. Fortunately, there are many social media tools that...

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5 eCommerce Tools to Boost Sales On All Your Sales Channels

It is very clear to see that the eCommerce industry is absolutely thriving. So, it’s important to realize that these trends are displaying no signs of coming to a halt. They are definitely not slowing down anytime in the predictable future. The eCommerce tools I am going to go over...

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How to Become A Lead Generation Expert Using Retargeting

Lead generation is a long and versatile process; strategy and coordination are required. While it is the foundation for the growth of businesses, it is one of the most stringent principles to plan and execute, especially for marketers. Some of the key strategies we often see are that advertisers fail to exploit.

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Choose The Right, Not The Best Ecommerce Website Design Agency

Ecommerce is shaping our world really fast. It is becoming an inevitable part of our lives influencing the way we live, shop, and consume things. A study conducted by Nasdaq estimated that in 2018, 18% of retail sales were facilitated by eCommerce. This number is expected to rise to as...