Samsung’s New MU-Series 4K UHD TVs Offer Impressive Performance and HDR

Stephan Jukic – April 8, 2017

First came Samsung’s 2017 QLED 4K HDR premium TV  lineup, which consisted of the brand’s replacements for the downright excellent 2016 SUHD TV KS-Series lineup and now the 4K TV market leader has released their replacements for 2016’s mid-range KU-Series 4K HDR TVs. These are Samsung’s new MU-Series models.

The new MU-Series models however take things up a notch from the 2016 KU-Series models and despite being Samsung’s 2017 “mid-range” 4K televisions, some of them offer a slightly dimmer version of what you could get with a 2016 SUHD TV. Yes, that’s right,  many of the 2017 MU-Series models come loaded wit…

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