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Tips To Get Better Outcomes From Promotional And Transactional Bulk SMS Gateway

The marketing niche has been considered via blizzard through the power of bulk SMS gateway and its exclusive application in promotion. There may be barely...

Things To Consider About Web Hosting Server and Why To Buy It?

A web hosting server is an arrangement of software and hardware that your website inhabits and where it is shown to the World Wide Web....

Is it Prudent to Go without Small Business Accounting Software

Small business accounting software is a program, which fundamentally streamlines your regular financial tasks such as payroll management, invoice, bill payments, and estimate creation, receiving...

API Documentation For Developer

API documentation explains what services an API provides and how to employ those services, targeting to swathe everything a client would require knowing to use...

SMS Service Platform- A Way to Promote Products and Services

Approaching a large client base is now feasible with a completely new way of marketing, i.e., SMS marketing. In today’s demanding world, marketing the latest...

Guest Post Guideline on Gadget Rumours

  • Technology Guest Post has to be relevant to Gadget Rumours (Gadget News, Tech Articles, Smartphone news,  Computer & Software News, Game News, SEO Tips & Tricks, and of course rumors about the latest devices).
  • The article must be original, the minimum length of the article is 800+ words with at least one (1) image that will be used as a Featured image
  • All FREE Technology Guest posts will be reviewed before being published by the administrator of the site
  • FREE Technology Guest Posts will be Tagged as Guest Posts
  • FREE Technology Guest Posts can have only one (1) NoFollow link (Articles that have more than one link will not be published !!)
  • The administrator of the site has the authority to add additional links to FREE Guest Posts (internal or external links)
  • You may not use the site for any purpose related to Marketing services or products. 
  • Forbidden to submit the site content that is offensive to the personality, honor, or reputation of others, or content that violates the privacy of others, or violates the criminal law generally. For any damage or moral damage caused by the suspension, publication, or disclosure of any content you are responsible for the restoration of you only you.
  • It is forbidden to post or publish content insulting, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive content.
  • It is forbidden to post or publish pornographic material
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