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Finance and Employee Resources Major Elements a Business must Manage through Automation

There is a major difference between running a business and successfully running a business is the implementation of an automation tool that manages and oversees...

How to Tackle Rapid Expansion with Attendance Management Software?

If you have faced difficulties in handling employee attendance processing, it probably a very common problem faced by businesses across the Indian subcontinent. This is...

How to Make Progressive Stands for Your Company with Hr Software

This year it is one more step further with evolution in business tactics leveraged by systems which are best in the automation segment to handle...

A complete take-down on Spreadsheet vs. Automated Performance Management

Employee performance is a sensitive aspect of the strategic functioning of any company. But the use of generic Spreadsheet tools cannot deliver the expected results...

Four Reasons to start using a Dedicated Leave Management Software in your Company

There is one thing in common between offices and elementary schools, which is the way they process their leave requests. The schools need the students...

Guest Post Guideline on Gadget Rumours

  • Technology Guest Post has to be relevant to Gadget Rumours (Gadget News, Tech Articles, Smartphone news,  Computer & Software News, Game News, SEO Tips & Tricks, and of course rumors about the latest devices).
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  • All FREE Technology Guest posts will be reviewed before being published by the administrator of the site
  • FREE Technology Guest Posts will be Tagged as Guest Posts
  • FREE Technology Guest Posts can have only one (1) NoFollow link (Articles that have more than one link will not be published !!)
  • The administrator of the site has the authority to add additional links to FREE Guest Posts (internal or external links)
  • You may not use the site for any purpose related to Marketing services or products. 
  • Forbidden to submit the site content that is offensive to the personality, honor, or reputation of others, or content that violates the privacy of others, or violates the criminal law generally. For any damage or moral damage caused by the suspension, publication, or disclosure of any content you are responsible for the restoration of you only you.
  • It is forbidden to post or publish content insulting, racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive content.
  • It is forbidden to post or publish pornographic material
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