Philips 43PUS6262 4K TV

What is the Philips 43PUS6262?

The 43PUS6262 is an ultra-cheap 4K LCD TV. Furthermore, it carries support for HDR – and it has a killer feature: Ambilight.

Given that the prices of 4K models are coming down pretty swiftly, TVs that enter the space now need something special to help them stand out from the crowd. For Philips this is its Ambilight mood-lighting feature. The technology is a perennial trump card for TP Vision, the company that makes Philips TVs, and it’s great to see it appearing further down the range. So if you are penny-wise, there’s a chance this model could be for you.

The model here is a 43-incher, which sells for less than £500. Stablemate…
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