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Gadget Rumors is Addicted to Technology, Mobile News, SEO, How To

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Top 3 Promising Payment Platforms

The world has definitely gone online. It’s considered old-fashioned to do things without the use of the internet. Skyping your distant relatives, shopping online, sending birthday invitations via email. Yes, this all is now possible thanks to the internet. Forget what the world looked like twenty years ago and see...

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A Rise in Popularity: Playing Esports During the Pandemic

You’ve binged and re-watched your favorite shows, you’ve started (and ended) a few new hobbies, and maybe you’ve increased your daily steps by playing Pokémon Go. We’re fortunate to have technology just a screen tap or mouse click away during the pandemic, but if you’re like millions of others, you’re...

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5 eCommerce Tools to Boost Sales On All Your Sales Channels

It is very clear to see that the eCommerce industry is absolutely thriving. So, it’s important to realize that these trends are displaying no signs of coming to a halt. They are definitely not slowing down anytime in the predictable future. The eCommerce tools I am going to go over...

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Ecommerce Is One Of The Greatest Consumer And Business Benefit

The basic problem which the early marketing phases faced was availability and accessibility. Every Consumer didn’t have access to retail shops and others suffered from the availability. Brands and Companies have consistently worked in the area. Ecommerce, on the other hand, arrived and solved half of these problems. Well, you...

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The Best Shop To Wander And Reach Is From Shopify!

Expectations and interests are the overlapped thoughts one can have. The enlarged interest over a thing causes expectations. The expectation makes the boundary our satisfactory level enlarged and it tends to infinity in some cases! Fulfilling expectations is a tedious task. This task can be made simple by reaching the...

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Oxygen OS Open Beta 5 for the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus released the latest Oxygen OS Open Beta for OnePlus 7T Series, that brings a Dark Mode switch in the Notification Bar and various fixes and optimizations, here is the latest open beta builds for the OnePlus 7T and OnePlus 7T Pro changelog. Changelog System Added a shortcut to switch...