Nissan Unveils Rear-view Mirrors With LCD Monitors

Nissan Unveils Rear-view Mirrors With LCD Monitors

a high-res camera mounted on the rear of your car that sends what it sees to the LCD monitor on your rear-view mirror. If you want just the conventional rear-view mirror, there is an option to switch between the regular mirror and the LCD monitor.
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4.3 inch LCD 16:9 TFT Screen Car Vehicle Rearview Mirror Monitor for DVD/VCR/Car Reverse Camera(DC 12V / PAL / NTSC / 2 Ways Video Inputs)
Specification: * Screen size: 4.3 inch (diagonal length) * Aspect Ratio : 16: 9 image * Input:2 ways video inputs *Video input:…

iViEW Computer/Laptop Monitor Rear View Mirror
SEE WHO’S BEHIND YOU! This iViEWMIRROR is an ultra thin (0.20in), oval rectangular shape (3.5in W x 2.5in H), lightweight (2.2 oz)…

Car Monitor in Mirror 4.3 Inch Display TFT LCD Color Rear View Screen SINOVCLE
Specification: Display size: 4.3 inches Dimensions: length 28.8CM * Width 7.5CM Power: about 3W Power: DC = 12V Contrast Ratio: 35…

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