Mobile PUBG and PC PUBG: What’s The Difference?

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PUBG is one such game that has won the hearts of millions of players all around the world. It’s been more than a year PUBG has been launched in the market but the popularity of the game doesn’t seem to die any sooner.

PUBG was first launched for console and PC gamers but later it was introduced on the mobile platform as well. This means that the game is now available to everyone. The best part is that PUBG mobile is absolutely free to play. Speaking of which there are some noticeable differences between the mobile and the PC version of the game. If you have played both the versions, you will know it better.

What are the differences between mobile PUBG and PC PUBG?

When it comes to playing a realistic game like PUBG, it is obvious that playing it on a big screen is always more fun. In that case, you can opt for the PUBG PC download free option.

1.    Graphics

The very first difference you will notice is the quality of graphics. The graphics used in the PC version of the game is much better than the one used in the mobile version. The graphics for PUBG mobile has been designed keeping in mind the specifications of a standard smartphone in the market. On the other hand, PUBG PC runs on high-end graphics which gives you a much better experience while playing the game. If you are someone who judges a game based on its graphics, you should definitely opt for the PC version.

2.    Game Updates

PUBG updates for both the versions are released after every 2 to 3 months. The main difference between the game updates is the size. The size of the update for the mobile version is only 1.6 GB but when it comes to the PC update, it is a huge file of 10 GB or more. However, that shouldn’t be a problem as you have more space on your PC. Therefore, there is no chance for your game to lag while playing.

3.    Training Camps

You will also notice some differences in the training camps. For example, the size of the training camp for PUBG PC is much bigger than the one in Mobile PUBG. Training camp is where the players practice their accuracy and skills of shooting.

4.    Interior Designing

Even the interior designs of both the versions don’t match. For example, the design of houses in PUBG PC is different from the ones in PUBG mobile. Not just houses, but even the designs of doors and windows are different. However, this kind of changes should bother the player.

Once you play both the versions of the game, you will realize the differences clearly. In order to get a better PUBG experience, you should opt for playing PUBG PC. However, mobile PUBG is more suitable for people who are amateur players and doesn’t have many skills to handle all the PC controls.

Amanda Cerni

Amanda Cerni

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  1. Do take note of that the game isn’t yet accessible to download and play. The PUBG group has just started enrollments for the beta variant of the game and it will be just made accessible to the individuals who register now.

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