Meraki security cameras bring the next wave of analytics

George Bentinck, product manager for camera systems at Meraki, was tasked with the job to track the path of sheep grazing behavior for the Australian government’s Department of Primary Industry. In any other method, cameras would be set up in the Outback and viewers could watch and track where the sheep grazed over time—something that would take hours. Not with the Meraki MV security cameras.

Cisco Meraki’s security cameras keep the video entirely on the camera itself because the majority of security camera footage is never seen or used—viewers don’t need to watch long footage of sheep nibbling on grass. Big files of video would also be difficult to retrieve over the Outback’s small Internet connection. Without even seeing the video, viewers could use Meraki MV’s heat mapping technology to see the general path of the sheep over time. This got the right data to the right people in the quickest way. This study was accomplished using the MV71, and the newest iteration of Meraki’s security camera includes even more—machine learning and artificial intelligence technology…

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