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Philips’ Second Quarter Results 2018

Philips reports Q2 sales of EUR 4.3 billion, with 4% comparable sales growth; net income from continuing operations was EUR 186 million, and Adjusted EBITA margin increased 100 basis points to 11.2%…. News Center...


Top Innovations for the Modern Home

Gadgets are transforming the way that we interact, relax, and exist in our homes. Now, there’s a smart gadget for nearly every area of the house, and the options continue to expand just as...

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Watch a Magnetic Material Skitter Around

We’re around magnets so much, it’s easy to forget they’re kind of magic. Not only do magnets make for fun toys, they can attract or repel objects from a distance through an invisible force,...

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How to sell used mobile safely and properly?

As a customer, it’s a big challenge to sell used mobile without facing problems. Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are releasing several devices once a month. Google itself released Google Pixel 2 in 2017 after the...

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The quantum choreographer

Listening to Ashok Ajoy PhD ’16 talk about his work, it’s easy to forget he’s a physicist. “I make spins dance together, go up or down, interact, in a kind of spin choreography,” he says. Ajoy unleashes...