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Watch a Magnetic Material Skitter Around

We’re around magnets so much, it’s easy to forget they’re kind of magic. Not only do magnets make for fun toys, they can attract or repel objects from a distance through an invisible force, they can create electricity (and vice versa) and they can make cool new tools and materials possible. A team of mechanical engineers from MIT and the New Jersey Institute of Technology has gone down that last path, publishing in Nature today a new method of producing soft, programmable materials. Their…

How to sell used mobile safely and properly?

As a customer, it’s a big challenge to sell used mobile without facing problems. Nowadays, smartphone manufacturers are releasing several devices once a month. Google itself released Google Pixel 2 in 2017 after the successful first-generation release. Imagine, if you had purchased Google Pixel after would like to buy Pixel 2 now.

If you purchase Pixel 2 by keeping Pixel, then over the time the Pixel phone you purchased will be outdated. It will sit idle inside your shelf or desk. Hence, you should sell used mobile not only safely but also properly via authorized sources. In this article, we will examine the various ways by which you…

Materials scientists Frances Ross and James LeBeau to join MIT faculty

Frances M. Ross and James M. LeBeau have recently accepted offers to join the MIT faculty in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) in 2018-19.

Ross, who will join DMSE as a professor, is currently a research scientist at the Nanoscale Materials Analysis Department within IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, New York, where she performs research on nanostructures using transmission electron microscopes (TEMs) to observe how nanostructures form and how the growth process is affected by changes in temperature, environment, and other variables. Understanding materials at such a basic level has remarkable implications for many applications …
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Upcoming iOS Access Restrictions Could Stymie Law Enforcement

Apple plans to equip iOS 12 with USB Restricted Mode, a feature that requires users to unlock their iPhone with their passcode before USB accessories can connect if the phone last was unlocked more than an hour earlier. The company included this feature in the developer versions of iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12. Apple will release USB Restricted Mode publicly in a future software update, it confirmed this week. USB Restricted Mode should work on iPads the same way as on iPhones because it’s a software feature….

Father’s Day 2018: Top Gift Ideas For Tech Savvy Dads

Father’s Day falls today and it’s the nice time for you to gift your dad with gadgets and products to simplify the lifestyle. You can choose from a wide range of products ranging from smartphones, laptops, speakers, and accessories. In this article, we will provide a list of five products which you can gift to your dad as part of the Father’s Day.


Imagine, if your father is working with a tablet and few smartphones. What will happen if the battery level dips all of a sudden? Your father should charge each device separately, which will be time-consuming. Hence, you should make use of Udoq universal docking station, which is c…

The quantum choreographer

Listening to Ashok Ajoy PhD ’16 talk about his work, it’s easy to forget he’s a physicist. “I make spins dance together, go up or down, interact, in a kind of spin choreography,” he says.

Ajoy unleashes his creativity not on human bodies but on elementary particles, manipulating quantum behavior, and specifically, spin — the property of angular momentum intrinsic to such entities as atomic nuclei.

After doctoral research at MIT generating insights on spin and novel methods for maneuvering quantum mechanical objects, Ajoy is now pioneering technologies with the potential to transform the fields of imaging and chemical analysis. Using diamond dust,…
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Soak test shows Motorola is bringing Android Oreo 81 update to Moto G5S Plus

It seems that Moto G5S Plus (Review) was never getting an Android Oreo 8.0 update. A number of users reportedly have started to receive the Android Oreo 8.1 update on their devices. Noteworthy is that an Android Oreo 8.0 OS was never seen installed on this model in the wild, which means the company is skipping over 8.0 Oreo update for this device. The 1.18GB update bears version number OPP28.60 and is a part of a soak test which is currently underway in Brazil. Not everyone will get access to it at the moment as the soak test is like a beta peri…
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ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1 Gets Better With FOTA Update

Asus has pushed a FOTA update for the recently released Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 smartphone. According to reports, the update will not only improve the performance of the handset but also enhance the overall user experience.

Asus has enabled VoLTE for Vodafone, Idea and Airtel networks in the latest FOTA ASUS ZenFone Max Pro M1 update. The Android security patch has been updated to May 2018. The response speed of the fingerprint sensor has improved since the installation of the update. Furthermore, the overall performance of the front camera will be enhanced after the update. You can download the relevant files by selecting the link provided on the source.<... NetAns