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How do you move up in a UI industry fast?

UI Industry

User Interface or User Experience is becoming one of the most important aspects of the success of any technological product. The UI of a product is regarded as the face of the product. It is the point of contact of the users, in other words, it is the place where … Continue reading

How to Choose Right Technology for Your Business or Startup

Right Technology for Your Business

Summary: Innovative technologies are playing vital roles in the success of modern businesses. The tremendous influx of a variety of technologies is greatly confusing modern startups and even established businesses to take the right decision regarding the choice of technology adoption. Let’s see how we can overcome those obstacles in … Continue reading

Microzu Innovation

Are you looking for high-quality electronic technology products, virtual warehouse marketplace, AI & cloud solutions, or smart home applications? Welcome to Microzu, where you’ll find great prices on a wide variety of technology products and services in 14 categories.   About Microzu Microzu is a full technology company with a consumer … Continue reading

3 Critical Zero-Day Flaws Found in PHP 7 That Should Not Be Ignored

Programming languages play an important role in our modern-day lives. Without these languages, building software, games and webpages would be much different than it is today. While many sites and companies use different languages, one of the most popular is the PHP language. PHP is used by nearly 80% of … Continue reading

How CCTV Security System Helps In Building The Business?

home CCTV security system

One of the critical factors in business is to ensure the security of essential subjects within the building. We have always been keen on keeping an eye on the things we value the most. Indeed, monitoring the business can be helpful for both official and personal factors. The Fame of … Continue reading

Artificial intelligence: A rising trend but why do we need it?

artificial intelligence

When Stephen Hawking expressed concern that things shown in Johnny Depp’s movie Transcendence are not exaggerated but factual. He also emphasized that it would be a ‘’worst mistake in history’’ to consider it as mere fiction. He felt that this scientific development might bear serious and unpredictable consequences for mankind. … Continue reading

Call Center Quality Assurance (QA): 3 Tips and Tools

Call Center Quality

Happy customers are the backbone of any business. Sometimes the only communication a customer has with a brand is through customer service agents, and this interaction can make or break customer loyalty. Achieving a positive customer experience is easy with quality assurance practices. Consider these three tips and tools for … Continue reading