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Artificial intelligence: A rising trend but why do we need it?

artificial intelligence

When Stephen Hawking expressed concern that things shown in Johnny Depp’s movie Transcendence are not exaggerated but factual. He also emphasized that it would be a ‘’worst mistake in history’’ to consider it as mere fiction. He felt that this scientific development might bear serious and unpredictable consequences for mankind. … Continue reading

ID Proofing: Reasons Investment Companies Need it

id verification

Financial frauds have soared sky-high in the recent past. The UK-based financial institutions lost £1.2 billion in financial losses in 2018. According to a report, identity theft fraud rose to 3 million in the USA in 2018 and more than 50% of those stolen identities were used in financial fraud … Continue reading

Top Digital Marketing Trends For Startups & Entrepreneurs To Follow In 2019

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a great way to optimize on for business startups and entrepreneurship. In 2019, it is essential to evaluate and keep a check on how active your startup’s marketing strategy is to increase profits and revenue. As the nearly highly advanced future approaches, latest technology and tactics to … Continue reading

Meet the AI Guru behind High-performance Gaming on the Galaxy Note9

Deep within the Galaxy Note9, there is an AI gaming guru ready and waiting to redefine your mobile-gaming experience. The device’s on-device AI-based, performance-adjusting algorithm is optimized for specific scenarios and learns what you want from your play patterns. Through a combination of analysis, optimization, predictions and controls, the algorithm … Continue reading

LG G7 ThinQ camera review: LG’s artificial intelligence camera

Introduced this past May, the LG G7 ThinQ is the latest model in the Korean electronics giant’s G-line of high-end smartphones, featuring a dual-camera setup with an optically stabilized 16Mp main camera with a fast f/1.6 lens, and a secondary 16Mp super-wide-angle. The device also features LG’s AI-powered scene and … Continue reading

Why Google Has Coolest Data Centre Ever?

In present time Google is most innovative company around. From Google maps to self-driving cars Google is using AI everywhere. Since Google host large people on the internet, it maintains one of the most mission-critical infrastructures to back its services like search, gmail etc. Google has data centres, all over … Continue reading