Afterthoughts: Final Fantasy XV

Afterthoughts: Final Fantasy XV - video games

Afterthoughts: Final Fantasy XV Final Fantasy XV is the long-awaited latest installment of the popular Final Fantasy games series. Longtime fans of the series will remember that this game was originally announced in 2006. Final Fantasy XIII Versus and was supposed to be a part of the … Read more on Final Fantasy XV … Read more

Resident Evil 7 ‘Biohazard’: A Returning Face!

Resident Evil 7 ‘Biohazard’: A Returning Face! - video games

Resident Evil 7 ‘Biohazard’: A Returning Face! Happy New Year! Don’t be alarmed as this month is the release of many horror/thriller films such as Underworld: Blood Wars, Split, The Bye-Bye Man, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Speaking of Resident Evil, Capcom will be releasing the eleventh …Read more on Read Also Resident … Read more

‘Dead Rising 4’ rises from past incarnations

'Dead Rising 4' rises from past incarnations - geforce now gamewall v2

‘Dead Rising 4’ rises from past incarnationsWhen a franchise starts to stumble, it’s wise to go back to the basics and look at what made the original so fun, then try to recapture that magic. That’s what Capcom Vancouver has done with “Dead Rising 4.” The team’s previous game wasn’t as well-received …Read more on … Read more