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Car Gadgets That are Must Have for 2020

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The automobile industry is swamped with gadgets when we talk about cars. These gadgets are the best companions whether you look for fun or safety. Some of them are so handy that one can’t drive without them once a person gets used to them. It can be a coffeemaker or … Continue reading

Wireless TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System Digital LCD Display with 4 Internal Sensors

Wireless TPMS Tire Pressure Monitor System

Key Features… Real-time highly accurate tire temperature and pressure, the same four-wheel data. Ultralight sensor design, no need to adjust vehicle balance when driving. PSI, BAR two pressure units to choose, ℃ and ℉ two temperature units to choose. Fuel-efficient, predicting air leaks, extending tire life, balancing tire pressure, ensuring … Continue reading

XIAOMI 70mai Dash Cam Pro

The new recorder has been equipped with optics from the Sony IMX335 5MP and can record video in 1944p resolution, i.e. 2592 x XUMUM pixels. The angle of view is 1944 degrees. Higher quality will allow you to record even more details compared to the previous model. In the event … Continue reading

Best Headlight Bulbs 2018 – Ratings, Reviews & Ultimate Guide for Your Car

Having the right headlights on your vehicle is a must for your safety. You have to ensure you have great bulbs that make it easy for you to see where you are going while driving. More importantly, the bulbs should not cause any difficult glares. You also need bulbs that … Continue reading

Rearview Cameras Help Improve Car Safety

Backup cameras, which are also known as reversing or rearview cameras, are cameras mounted on the rear part of a car with a viewing screen mounted on the dashboard. Its primary purpose is to allow drivers to clearly view what is behind them and in their blind spots without turning … Continue reading

6 Essential Tech Gadgets for a Company Vehicle

The market for car gadgets is growing rapidly. We see novelty products for styling, safety, and convenience hitting the shelves daily. They empower businesses to make the most of their motor vehicles and put the best face of the company forward. After all, a company vehicle is much more than … Continue reading

Why You Should Use Fuel Conditioner?

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Most people don’t even know what fuel conditioner is – and most people are also getting bad mileage for their gas, making their cars work harder with the exhaust emissions, and their carburetors are constantly getting more and more dirty and less and less efficient. So, just what exactly is … Continue reading