Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360

What is the Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360?

The Kodak Pixpro 4KVR360 – also known as the Kodak Orbit360 4K – is a 360-degree VR-friendly camera, not to be confused with the similarly named Kodak Pixpro SP360 4K. The big difference between the two models is the 4KVR360 combines two wide-angle lenses into a single body, whereas the SP360 4K requires you to mount two completely independent cameras together if you want to capture a 360-degree video.

Needless to say, the 4KVR360 makes for a much more convenient and compact VR camera. Compared to rivals, the 4KVR360 also allows for more than typical shooting modes due to its slightly unorthodox lens combination.

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