Intel’s 8C/16T Coffee Lake-based processors to give a tough time to Core i7-8700K processors

While the companies will be showcasing their mid-range tech productions at the upcoming Computex, Intel is ready to steal the show! How? With these 2 flagship offerings:

  • Coffee Lake-based 8C/16T processor
  • Z390 chipset

We have thoroughly discussed the Z390 previously and it’s time to know more of the new 8C/16T variant of Intel’s Coffee Lake CPUs. These 8C/16T processors are ready to rock n roll the world of enthusiast-level processors as they are even better than the Core i7-8700K!

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  1. 08/11/2018

    […] The previously released Z370 chipset by Intel was heavily criticized for its compatibility. It was actually a Coffee Lake exclusive motherboard with no other visible differences. This raised many questions over its quick production and release and the same goes for the all-new Z390 chipset. […]

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