Important things to Know Difference between Hiv & Aids

Speaking of HIV, the AIDS cloud wanders in the mind of the people immediately and if any HIV-infected person comes out, people will run away from him like he runs away from the patient of leprosy. There are many bad habits about HIV. It is the people that if we go to a patient suffering from HIV, we will also become HIV.

HIV information
Both HIV and AIDS are common for people. This is punishment-of-death because there is no vaccine or antibiotic for this. HIV and AIDS are different things. HIV is actually the name of a virus, Human Immuno Deficiency Virus The specialty of this virus is that it attacks man’s immune system and makes it weak. Inside the body, the important CD4 cells that have immune cells end up in HIV. Normally, the number of these cells is 500 to 1200 but due to HIV, the number is 200 or work. Further, the immune system of the person is completely destroyed and it becomes a victim of many different diseases, which are called AIDS. Although there is no HIV infection in the body of a human being for many years, but when it is done by eliminating the virus immune system and causing serious illness, AIDS happens. Death from HIV is not possible. HIV just completes CD4 immune cells. As a result, I get many serious diseases when AIDS is developed and cancer is caused by a disease or any such serious illness and weakness.

How is HIV Spreading
First, know how HIV is spreading through HIV and infected injection needles or shaving blades that give skin the bleeding or if someone has donated the infected blood, it can be HIV-infected with HIV. If the woman becomes pregnant, then her child also has HIV infection. It is not difficult to recognize the symptoms of HIV. But the symptom of this is not such a special thing that a man is in a state of shock. The symptoms of this are simple and usually people ignore them. There is no such treatment for HIV in today’s date.

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