How to Help in an Emergency…Tools

How to Help in an Emergency…Tools

Out of the 10s of thousands of car accidents I have been on … time or another used every last extrication and forcible entry tool on the rig. It wasn’t until after I retired from the emergency services that I became a ham radio operator.
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Swiss+Tech ST81005M2 BodyGuard Auto Emergency Escape Tools (5-in-1) for Car Safety, including Panic Alarm and Flasher -2 Pack, Black
Each Swiss+Tech BodyGard ESC 5-in-1 will break out side window glass in an instant; slash through inoperable seat belts without fe…

Emergency Car Kit: 10-in-1 Pocket Knife Folding Multitool, 7-in-1 Multifunction Utility Card Tool, and LED Flashlight (1000 Lumens), Nuclear Survival Kit
A Unique 3-Piece Bundle at an Incredible Value! 10-in-1 Folding Multi-Tool with Pocket Knife This utility army knife is 2.5″ in l…

STANLEY FATMAX FL5W10 Waterproof LED Rechargeable Spotlight
The durable Stanley rechargeable waterproof spot light provides up to 10 hour runtime, is 50 percentage smaller than typical spot …

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