7 Essential Steps to Build a Successful Mobile App

7 Essential Steps to Build a Successful Mobile App

Mobile phones are ruling our modern age. We have witnessed many developments in the field of technology and one of the most notable growths that technology presented us is mobile technology. In the present day, it has become very tough for people to live even a single day without using their mobile phones. It is possible for people to buy both expensive and cheap mobile phones. You can buy mobile as per your budget and therefore, you don’t have to be worried about the price of mobile phones these days. The mobile phone is not only used for its basic purpose of communication and sending messages but also for business purposes as well.

With the many features that modern day’s mobile phones offer to its users, people have started to manage their everyday tasks and business deals through mobile phones. Mobile apps are booming in the mobile industry at the moment. The value and benefits that many of the mobile apps brings to the mobile users are plenty and immeasurable. Mobile apps have developed into a vital part of our lives and we depend on them in more than one way. Mobile users can come across many kinds of mobile apps in the industry right now including business, entertainment, games, fashion, cooking, e-commerce, dating, and many more.

The mobile device and app market is thriving like anything in our day. More and more people are shifting from their computers to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. It helps people to find information, making purchases, and interacting with others very easy. Thousands of new mobile apps are coming to App Store now and many people don’t know how to build a successful mobile app. Here are top 7 essential steps that help you to understand how to build a successful mobile app:

  1. Research

It is crucial for you to research the mobile app market before you create a mobile app. it is an important step in building a successful mobile app because it will aid you to get started and get an idea. You should a good amount of time for researching and you should research right through the app stores including the app stores of Apple and Google Play. It will help you to take a look at competing mobile apps. Researching through mobile app market will aid you to grab an idea that will be completely unique.

  1. Analyze

Another important step of successful mobile app development process is analysis of all aspects of the project. You should examine the function and use of your mobile application. You should analyze to understand if your mobile app is unique from your competitors. You should analyze to understand if your mobile app is able to catch the attention of customers.

  1. Identify Your Target Users

It is important for you to identify your target users to build a successful mobile app. Make sure to understand your target users and know their needs and expectations. You should identify mobile platforms and devices to be supported. You should consider a lot of things when selecting mobile platforms and devices including coverage, device support, performance and other features. You can easily develop a successful mobile app and considered while selecting mobile platforms and devices includes coverage, device support, performance and other features if you identify your targeted audience and their needs and expectations.

  1. Set Goals

You have got to set the goals to build a successful mobile app. Setting goals will aid you to have a road map for the whole mobile app development process. Setting goals will provide you focus, let you to calculate progress, maintain you locked in and undistracted, aid you to triumph over procrastination and offer you motivation required to achieve your goals.

  1. Design Your App

Another important step in building a successful mobile app is designing your app. it is essential to have a proper and professional design for your mobile app. An app developer should focus on the UI design, multi-touch signs for touch-enabled devices and think about platform design standards as well. Design can decide fortunes of mobile apps. Keep in mind that mobile devices have smaller screens related to desktop PCs and laptops. A well-designed mobile app should be simple yet pretty, appealing to its target group, Optimize all features to make it easy to use and intuitive, etc.

  1. Develop a prototype

Another important step while building a successful mobile app is to develop a prototype. It is in fact the procedure of taking your idea and developing it into an application with some basic functionality. A prototype is an adaptation of your application that lets you to show and test its main usage. Developing a prototype will help you with designing, building and launching an app successfully.

  1. Develop And Test

Developing and testing your app plays a huge role in the success of your mobile app development. You should choose the right development platform such as IOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone.  You should consider your target audience and many other things when you develop your mobile app. After designing and developing your mobile app, you should test it to make sure that it works faultlessly. The best parts of mobile app developers used to test their mobile app once they complete designing and developing their app to make it free from all sorts of errors.


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Step by step instructions to resolve No Sound after CPU Overclocking Problem

Step by step instructions to resolve No Sound after CPU Overclocking Problem

In general, overclocking denotes making adjustments to your CPU and memory to operate at speeds more than their usual speed mark. Overclocking is the practice of enhancing the clock speeds and power of your CPU to get better overall performance. With CPU Overclocking, people used to increase operating voltage with the purpose of preserving operational solidity at increased speeds. The main objective of overclocking is to get extra performance by boosting working speed. Most of the times, overclocking is aimed at enhancing the performance of a system. It is an excellent method to get the most power out of a device or an old computer.

Overclocking a CPU is the procedure of improving the clock speed that the CPU generally works. The process of overclocking a CPU has become much simpler these days. Overclocking can present your computer considerable performance and improvements in performance than earlier. You should learn how to do overclocking because it can spoil your hardware if it is done in the wrong way. When you do overclocking, you should make sure that you are not overheating your CPU. With a proper care and attention, you can develop its velocity and the performance of your computer.

Overclocking focuses on giving a boost to the clock speeds and power of your CPU so that it can improve on the whole performance of your device without the increased cost. People are doing overclocking to improve the performance of their computer but at times, things can go completely wrong. Many people used to face the issue of no sound after CPU overclocking. Keep in mind that overclocking can surely accelerate your system but only if you carry out it correctly and learn how to do it before you do it. Here are some of the top tips that help you to understand how to resolve no sound after CPU overclocking problem:

  • Lessen The GHz rating of the CPU To The Original Level: if you find no sound after CPU overclocking, make sure to reduce the GHz rating of the CPU to the original level to get sound back. People used to go for CPU overclocking with the aim of getting a more enjoyable experience with their device. But, they may experience upset and discontent when they find that there is no sound after CPU overclocking. If you would like to resolve no sound after CPU overclocking problem, ensure to decrease the GHz rating of the CPU to the original level and it will help you to turn everything back to normal.
  • Understand Processor Speeds: Before you trying for overclocking a CPU in a computer, it is vital to be familiar with the speed of the processor and at how much speed it is computed. Remember that every processor speed is centered on two distinctive features such as bus speed and multiplier.
  • FSB (Front Side Bus): When you are trying for overclocking a CPU in your computer, you have to understand that the velocity in MHz of the CPU is the outcome of the FSB (Front Side Bus) in MHz and the multiplier. The FSB is the most frequent mode to overclock the CPU.
  • GHz Rating: When you aim to overclock the CPU, you should not increase the GHz rating too high as it can result in no sound after CPU overclocking.
  • Non-Standard Frequency: if you seek to overclock the CPU, you should pass up the system operating under a non-standard external frequency as it is tend to more troubles.

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iOS 11 Update: What’s coming up with the iOS App Developers?

 iOS 11 Update: What’s coming up with the iOS App Developers?

There is an adage that says like, “Change is the rule of nature.” So are the versions of iOS. Coming this fall is the latest version of iOS – iOS 11. This has been stated at a jumbo step for iPhones and a significant leap for iPad as well! This version is all set for a new standard to be recorded. And also, it has opened up some of the amazing capabilities for the augmented reality games and apps as well.

The iOS 11 is expected to launch at the next WWDC. With iOS 11, the Apple phones will become the most powerful and intelligent devices ever designed. However, there are many bloggers, analysts, and iOS app developers who have started speculated about the recent updations that Apple is supposed to be included in this version.

Let us have a look at these speculations before its launch.

  • Improved Maps App

This latest version of the iOS is rumoured to come with an advanced and redesigned Google Maps. The Apple makes use of the fleet of drones so that they are able to provide the users with exact and relevant direction and detailed information to the travellers. Further, the navigation feature is drastically improved by the indoor features.

  • Dark Mode

The dark mode has already been included with iOS 10. However, the users were not able to enable the dark mode feature in their devices with iOS 10 installed. But the iOS 11 will be able to enjoy the dark mode feature for the users who are using the devices with this latest version installed.

  • SIRI with Natural Sounding Voice

Whenever any new version of iOS is launched and released, there is an improved version of SIRI. This updated version of SIRI enables their users to perform specific tasks easily and conveniently. Similarly, iOS 11 is expected to release another update for SIRI. This will give the feel to the users that they are interacting with humans, rather a device.

  • Check the Availability of Contacts

Developed as an exclusive application by Apple, there are many analysts who believe that iOS 11 will allow the users to check whether a particular contact is available or not. This feature will also assist the user to detect the current location of the contact and status of the device he is operating.

  • Group Calls with Facetime

Currently, Facetime doesn’t support the group calls with their contacts. The iOS 11 is expected to upgrade the one-on-one calling feature to make group video calls. The upgraded version of Facetime could allow the Apple users to make calls up to five users parallelly.

  • Better Multitasking

iOS 11 makes it easier than ever before in terms of multitasking. It is able to open the second app from the right end of the Dock, while both the apps are active in Split View as well as Slide Over. You can also customise your App Switcher as per your choice.

It is predicted that the launching of iOS 11 will make 8% of the total Apple apps non-functional. Because the latest iOS version will run only on devices with 64-bit processors and software, more than 2,000,00 app will be obsolete. Hence, the app developers need to update the existing apps so that they are valid in terms of the latest iOS version.

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Lyuthar Jacob blogs for couponsmonk.com. Here in the above post he is sharing about latest ios update.

Fact uncovering the benefits and drawbacks of the latest car technology

Fact uncovering the benefits and drawbacks of the latest car technology

Technology has been playing a very significant role in the automobile industry. Cars are the essential means of transportation for everyone. They make commuting easy and less time-consuming. Over the years, technology has been advancing from time to time until the modern car. Today, some cars can do much more than others can, although there are still some drawbacks associated with latest car technology. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of car technology.

Easy diagnosis

When a modern car develops some mechanical problem, it is easy to know the exact spot where the problem is without taking a lot of time testing. Before advances in technology, the mechanic would go through a cumbersome process to identify the problem. However, today, everything is computerized, and all the engineer will be required to do is connect your car to the system, and it will analyze the entire functionality of the car and give an accurate diagnosis without numerous trial and error as it used to be earlier.

Fights traffic

Some cars can communicate and tell the user on, which roads traffic is bad and the ones that are good. For a period, traffic has been the biggest problem in the transportation industry. People used to leave their homes early to ensure that they get to work or other destinations on time. A place where it would take you one-hour drive, due to traffic, it takes 2-3 hours. The new technology in the modern car gives you detailed calculations on the possibilities of how long it will take you in traffic and suggests an alternative route and how fast it will take you to get to where you are going.

Consumes more gas

The more technology is advancing, the more the cost of driving your car gets. Today, to drive an SUV latest model from one place to another it will cost you almost times more than it would with the other version of the same car. This is because the more technology is involved in the mechanism of the car, the more it will consume to ensure proper functionality of the entire car. Additionally, the engine size of the latest model is bigger than the others were, therefore, making the demand for fuel to be higher.

Car to car communication

When driving, there is a higher possibility of accidents on the road. Every day, the roads experience numerous car accidents. However, with the recent car-to-car communication technology, your car can calculate the speed of a car coming from a different direction and the one ahead of you. Once it has calculated, it sends the signals to the other car and evaluates the possibilities of which lanes you can use and avoid corroding with the other car.


Another drawback of technology in the modern car is their cost. Although this car has all, it takes to make life interesting, affording it is only for a few. This is because the manufacturers want to ensure that everything is paid for accordingly to reward their efforts in making the car.

Difficult finding parts

Finding some of this Porsche performance parts is very difficult due to cost and others the manufacturers are yet to produce. Therefore, when the model car develops a mechanical problem, it takes a long period to get it fixed since you will have to take it to the manufacturers for repair. While with the old model, it will only take you few hours to get to a mechanic and the problem is solved faster. Additionally, it’s also difficult to purchase some of this performing parts for the once that are there. This is due to high cost of the parts.


With all the facts uncovering above, there are still possibilities of improving the use of technology even to the automobile industry. As technology is taking routes in every aspect of human life, embracing its basics will make transportation convenient for everyone. However, although technology has been growing, and the automobile has been changing, there are still older versions of cars that are yet to advance in technology, but they are still efficient and convenient.

Top 3 Smartphones (Not Yet Released) To Look Forward To In 2017

samsung galaxy note 8

Top 3 Smartphones (Not Yet Released) To Look Forward To In 2017

The smartphone evolution is moving so rapidly that we are always anticipating something new. This evolution is so fast that no sooner have you bought a new smartphone than a better and cooler version gets released into the market. 2017 has a lot of options for smartphones that you can buy. But have you been thinking of waiting for the next launches? Here are the smartphones that are yet to be released in 2017:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

samsung galaxy note 8



Note 7 was a great phone until its battery brought it down. It almost seemed that the Note family might end with the Note 7 but rumor says that Note 8 will be coming in 2017.

The release date

It is expected that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be released towards the end of the year, perhaps in August or September.

The design

We expect that the design of Note 8 will not be too far from that of Note 7. However, it will have a smaller bezel like that of S8. It might also feature an all-screen front and a fingerprint sensor at the back like the S8 and S8+.

Like the Note 7, it might also feature a curved display. It will also feature an S pen and a USB type-C.

The display

Note 8 will feature a 6.3-inch screen, mobile high dynamic range, and super AMOLED technology. It will also feature a dual-edge display and 4K resolution.

The camera

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to have a 12MP CIS support 2PD, a 13MP telephoto CIS, and 3X optical zoom.

The hardware

There is a good chance that Note 8 will have a 6GB RAM. Like Note 7, it might have a 3,500mAh battery and AKG speakers.

The software

Note 8 will run on Android 7.1.1.

Motorola Moto X4

Motorola, under Lenovo, plans to upgrade Moto X in 2017. Formerly known as Moto X 2017, it has now become branded under the name Moto X4. This phone is expected to be a mid-range handset with an approximate screen size of 5.5 inches.

It is uncertain if the Moto X4 will have compatibility with the Moto Mods, especially because the leaks so far promise a completely different design. The exact differences between this model and E, Z, X, and G are yet to be known. There is plenty of evidence to imply that Moto X4 is coming and that there is a new Moto E being made as well.

The release date

The rumors have not given a specific release date for Moto X4, but since it has been mentioned at a company presentation and it appears on the Motorola roadmap for 2017, we expect it in the summer.

The design

We have seen a few leaked pictures and an image from a presentation slide that tells us that the Moto X4 has a metallic build with slim bezels on the sides and bigger ones on the bottom and top. It has a physical home bottom which confirms that it is a sub-flagship phone and an IPS8 rating to protect it from sand, water, dust, and dirt.

The screen

The presentation slide shows that this phone will have a 5.2-inch screen with 3D glass. We suppose 3D glass means that edges made of curved edges which will make it easy to hold and give it an edgy look.

The camera

The phone has a dual camera with both lenses located in one place. We guess that the megapixels will be 12 or 13. The dual lens camera has an LED flash and the front facing camera has a 5MP sensor. It also has a feature called SmartCam which will help in providing quality pictures.

The hardware

According to one source, the phone has a 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory. It also has a Snapdragon 660 processor. Additionally, it has a 3,800mAh. 


Sony Xperia Flagship

The next Sony Xperia flagship is expected to be an improvement of the already released Xperia XZ Premium. There is a possibility that it will release two flagship phones.

The release date

According to Sony, the next flagship phones will be released towards the end of the year 2017. This is expected to be some time in August.

The design

These phones will feature reduced bezels, a 2.5D glass, and a fingerprint sensor at the side power button. They are also expected to retain the flat slab rectangle design.

The display

It is expected that the next flagship phones will have a 4K display like the XZ Premium. They might also feature high dynamic range and an LCD panel although it would be great if Sony started using AMOLED.

These phones might also have a six-inch display panel with an aspect ratio of 2:1. They might also feature “Pixel Eyes” technology.

The camera

We expect that Sony will retain the amazing slow-motion feature of XZ Premium. It might also retain the Motion Eye Camera and the 19MP for the rear sensor.

The hardware

We expect the next flagship phones to have a Qualcomm processor. It is also possible that they will have more than 6GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, and a micro SD slot. We also expect a USB type-C port and a battery capacity of about 3,000mAh.

The software

The next flagship phones will most probably feature Android Nougat like XZ Premium but with a few tweaks.

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5 advantages of technology in electronic banking

5 advantages of technology in electronic banking

To stay updated in today’s fast pace world, every industry is changing the way they used to do things. They are openly embracing new technologies so that they can compete with others at the same level. Communications are being transformed from seconds to milliseconds and videos are being transmitted in less than microseconds. Hence, banking systems are also evolving. Such is a concept of electronic banking that has influenced a lot of banks and is expanding day by day.


Electronic banking basically means using computers to transfer, withdraw or deposit cash at anytime, anywhere. To provide these service 24/7 without a glitch, e-banking requires ICT (information and communication technology). By adopting different approaches a bank can fulfil customers changing demands with the changing times. Organization need to be able to quickly respond to customers’ demands in real time and provide them with instant services and solutions. We will be discussing 5 basic advantages through which technology has affected e-banking.


  1. Mobile Apps: Gone are the days that whenever we used to inquire about bank balance, make transactions, check bank statements we had to visit an ATM. By the introduction of mobile apps of every bank, we can do all those things easily from our phones. Client just needs to access their account via a unique customer code assigned to them and the details would appear in front of them. Mobile Apps are becoming so popular that number of people who use ATMs are decreasing everyday as it is more convenient and easy to use.


  1. Services offered by Call Centres: If a customer is having some technical difficulty, they can always call the Call Centres for assistance from the experts sitting on the other end rather than visiting the bank itself. Studies have shown that these types of services provided for the benefit of the customers will decrease the overall operational cost of the banks and the number of walk in customers for the troubleshooting issues in the bank would decrease too.


  1. Internet Banking: Services provided by internet banking have made it easier for the customers to access their data online. They can do bank transfer from any computer connected to internet. Security is kept intact by giving a customer code and a password to each customer. Internet is the main source of media marketing these days, banks can also benefit from using various platforms to get some clients through internet by offering different services. Although there are certain setbacks to the internet like lack in privacy, which is the main concern of every bank. The customers need to trust that their data is safe within the bank and no other unauthorized person can access it. The bank needs to take measures to build that trust via adopting new technologies and hiring expertise to deal with the issue.


  1. Home Banking: A special software is installed on the client’s computers through which they can access their bank account which is directly being accessed to the bank’s servers. A device called electronic signature gives the client the password for every time they want to access their account. This improves the overall security of the banking services being provided. One of the main advantage of home banking is that the customer can access their account without considering banks availability.


  1. Phone Banking: The customer is directed through a dedicated phone line through which they can approach their bank account. A password is given to the customer and a special personal code which is only known to the customer. Once they clear the security levels, they are allowed to retrieve data. Reliable source of banking and a convenient method for the customers as it saves time.


Author Bio: This article was written by Leo Smith, who is a computer scientist by profession, who enjoy reading and writing blogs on Do My Homework Cheap in his free time.

5 Gigantic Influences Of Smartphones in our lives!

5 Gigantic Influences Of Smartphones in our lives!

There is no doubt that smart phones have become integral part of our lives. We just can’t live without it. This is true that technology is useful and it helps us to simplify our lives but there is a limit to everything.

When people get too much assistance of technology, they become addicted to it and we can see the smart phones as a clear example of technology addiction in our lives. But of course, this does not mean that the smart phone is something that will be in the list of waste of time gadgets.

Smart phones do have its own advantages in our lives but when we become obsessed with it then it leads to some disadvantages as well.

We will discuss here about the gigantic influences that smart phones have in our lives in various different ways. Smart phones influences our lives in so many different ways that we cannot even imagine. Of course, gadgets like smart phones make our lives easy and convenient as well.

However, they do lead to some disadvantages and here we will discuss both good and bad influences of gadgets like smart phones in our lives.

  1. Influence Of Smartphones In Our Society

Our society has been moving slowly in the absence of technology. The development has become speedier ever since the revolution of technology. Smart phones make it possible for people to easily communicate with each other even when they are far away. In fact, with smart applications like Skype and Whatsapp, it is even possible to see the people that are not with you at the present moment. However, this also has a negative impact on our general habits and preferences.

Using smart phones during our meal time or celebration is quite common. People have become distant due to the fact that they don’t need to see each other personally anymore.

  1. Influence Of Smartphones In Our Business

Business has become easier with the technology of smart phones, because everything is accessible with a single click for both customers and business owners. Suppose if any customer wants to find the best mobile covers or mobile accessories in india then all he or she would need is a smart phone and that will help in finding perfect product result online.

On the other hand, the technology has increased business competition and also increased inconvenience for customers. Reliability of technology is still less than human being, which makes it vulnerable to some aspects.

  1. Influence Of Smartphones In Our Student Life

Students can avail the advantage of technology for better studies because gadgets like smart phones help the student to get the necessary research tools at their disposal all the time. Devices like this can help students to get better study material with less effort . This does seem to be a very good option for educational purposes.

However, it also has its own down sides such as lack of dedication in education or lack of concentration or focus due to the fact that everything is available without any effort requirement. Most importantly, smart phones are not limited to any specific area & Suprisingly once they receive brand new smart phone students search for best Mobile back covers & mobile back cases which makes them the biggest source of distraction for student life.

  1. Influence Of Smartphones In Our Personal Life

Smart phones play a lead role in our personal life because they help us to do our everyday task with a single click. There are numerous applications available that can help you ease your burden of daily task handling routine quite effectively. However, when you are addicted to technology and gadgets like smart phones, then you become ignorant towards the aspects and matters of real life.

  1. Influence Of Smartphones In Our Health Ratio

Smartphone usage can be safe if you have taken all the necessary safety measures. Using smart phone or other devices is not always risky for you unless you overdo it. However, people never use it to the limit since this is something that we need all the time.

There are so many risks involved in excessive use of smart phones. Smart phones releases radiations that are harmful for health. Smartphone use can cause eye problem or headache and these are quite common between smart phone users who use smart phones excessively.

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7 Questions to ask before developing a mobile app

7 Questions to ask before developing a mobile app

Smartphones have taken our world by storm and now, you will hardly find anyone without one. Apps are at present, considered to be the lifeline of smartphones and tablets as without them, they are just communication devices like their predecessors. Apps have taken over our daily life in a big way. You want to get the latest news, updates on weather, find location of your favorite restaurant, keep track of your official meetings…. these latest apps are going to handle these tasks for you with flawless accuracy.

Mobile app development is one of the most rewarding jobs of contemporary era. Companies and franchises are looking for Mobile apps that would bring them even closer to their customers. Similarly, professionals want mobile apps that help them in making their professional life easier. An app developer’s job is not easy; he has to looks into various matters before he could really start his work on a new mobile app. Here, we are going to discuss 7 crucial questions that an app developer should get the client to answer.

  1. Why Does The Client Need This App? What are His Expectations?

This is an obvious yet very crucial question to ask the client as it will be the foundation of app being developed. The client should be very clear about what he wants and what his expectations are. Maybe, the client is not very clear in describing the app and what kind of app he wants. All you have to do here is to ask him different questions about the important aspects of app and at the end of day, what output he is expecting. Once you have a clear idea, you can easily plan your next move.

  1. Who Is Your Target Audience?

What kind of people are going to use your app? What kind of solutions are you expecting to offer to your users with this mobile app? Is the mobile app really necessary to solve their issues or just a mobile responsive website can prove just as beneficial? These questions should have very clear response from your client so that you know what kind of App you are going to develop for your client and what sort of features you are going to design in order to cater to all these queries.

  1. What’s The Deadline?

It is not too early to ask this important question. Clients mostly come well before they really want to launch their new mobile app, as nowadays; there is much awareness about the technical complexities of such projects. Besides, time management is a pertinent component of any project and it can only be done once you know the deadline. Either client gives you the deadline or in more flexible cases, the deadline is decided mutually after deliberations from both sides. This way you can allocate time to each step of the project.

  1. What’s The Budget?

Deciding on the budget for this kind of project can be tricky for both sides. There cannot be a fixed budget for a mobile app development. More likely solution for this problem is to decide upon the range. Most of all, the price is decided keeping in mind the following factors:

  • complexity of the project
  • Interface of the App
  • research work
  • main functions of the app that will make the user love it
  • Rivals’ position in the market
  • push notification services you are offering
  • Back end systems management with the growth of user base

While discussing the budget, all these factors should be considered and conveyed to the client accordingly.

  1. Consult after each step; Am I on the Right Path?

After completing every step, it is better to consult your client to see if you are on the right track; if the features that you are adding, are the ones client is looking for. This way, at the completion of the project, you may avoid unwanted surprise that the client didn’t ask for this kind of app or wasn’t interested in certain features you have added.

  1. What Kind Of Competition is there against This App in the Market?

Common response to such question is, ‘We don’t have a competition; this is first of its kind’. Don’t fall for this statement for, more often than not, it is not true. There is always an app out there developed for the same purpose. If you propose same features, with nothing new to offer to the customers, you app is heading for a failure for sure. By knowing your rival and their app, you can improve yours by adding features that make your app unique.

  1. What will the method of payment be?

This is an important part of the whole process. Payments for the app can be made through credit cards or biometric system. Depending on the mode of imbursement, you have to consider the secure payment mechanism and encryptions to make it possible.


AUTHOR’S BIO: Henry Kinnaird is a pro web developer, online instructor and a blogger. He occasionally writes for Write My Assignment. He has been in web-developing industry for the last 10 years.

Technology as a Medium for Gaming and Creativity

Technology as a Medium for Gaming and Creativity

As indicated by the 2010 U.S. Census, there are more than 74 million kids in the United States and around 79% have access to internet. Pew research recorded that around 75% of youngsters utilize a cell phone and that the rate was expected to increase, in 2010. As indicated by Nielsen, 56% of families have no less than one current-era gaming console. However this is not limited to only U.S, it has spread worldwide. These insights and numerous more indicate the gigantic expansion of technology in a youngster’s regular day to day life. Our teens are growing in the technology environment and that technology is a mind blowing advancement for society.

Virtual reality

Without naming virtual reality, it is hard to discuss gaming advancement. It’s a technology that creates realistic images, sound or other sensations in the game. Gamer can experience being in a three-dimensional condition. It’s a fundamental part of the game. So basically virtual reality means near-reality. It gives the gamer benefit of enjoying the visuals or other sensations in the game and makes him/her attract towards technology more.

Wearable gaming gear

Wearable gaming gear is another technology advancement used in the gaming sector. Wearable gaming gear include equipment such as VR headsets, specific hand gloves, gaming stage associated wristbands and neural impulse actuators. The gaming wearable’s specialty is probably going to experience fast and hazardous release of new gear sooner rather than later.

Gesture Control

Gesture Control is the ability either to interact with or control the computer system without having any direct physical contact. Present day gaming equipment depend on 3D cameras, effective artificial intellect systems and track-able focuses typically put on particular parts of the body to convey fantastic gaming experiences.

High definition graphics

Due to technology advancement, the graphics used is gaming are also getting affective. “Technology has changed the whole concept of gaming, making it more towards real and even the graphics used in gaming are now in high definition,” says Andrew David who is a graphic designer at Game Period. There are high definition graphics such as graphics card, GPUs and data compression system which have changed the era of gaming graphics. There is also gaming screen that support 4K (4,000 pixels).

Royal Vegas gaming technology

Royal Vegas casino has utilized a few advances to make its games appealing and exceptionally captivating. To begin with, all games accompany point by point illustrations that adventure the computational power of modern PCs and cell phones. Royal Vegas is on the cutting edge of this revolution with high definition and graphics rich offerings. One of the great example is Ariana slots game. This implies players can expect superior quality game conditions rendered utilizing true to life quality graphics.

Build for Creativity

There are various different parts that technology can take to bolster youngsters’ creative exercises. Consider the open door for technology to play the part of a distributer, teacher, conductor, executive, or associate. The parts that technology can take are multidimensional and can engage kids. Youngsters create by developing with their condition with the objective of changing or understanding it to such an extent that they can actively alter their own ideas to match that condition. Technology can enhance the creativity inside the child and even bring out creativity which is hidden inside a child.

Technological tools help boost student creativity

Blogs: are an extraordinary route for the advancement of creative thinking and writing. It gives flexibility to students to post whatever they need and remark upon or share each other’s material. They can straightforwardly compose on points that interest them and offer open to their thoughts without worrying about reviewing or syntactic mistakes. Blogging makes students feel in charge of their own learning and they are urged to combine creativity in their learning. Example of the best blogging sites are Edublogs , Blogger, WordPress and many more.

Cartoon and Comic Strip Tools: Students are fond of cartoons and comics, we can tell this privilege from the sparkle in their eyes at whatever point instructors bring such material into their lesson plans. In this way, we can engage students to build their own comic strip or cartoon animations. This will not only give them chance to think but also make them creative without any hindrance. Cartoons for the Classroom is one well known site, which is an extraordinary asset of funny cartoons for students.

Mind-Mapping and Brainstorming tools: Brainstorming has allowed students to be unique and creative about their ideas. Through the use of technology, brainstorming is now even more simple and appealing. With the help of technology, now students can create mind-maps or graphics to explain their topic. Spider Scribe, Wise Mapping, Chart Tool and Creately are free mind-mapping tools which can be used for students when required.

Video and Audio tools: Through the use of technology advancement, students can now create any video in which they can show their creativity and the concept. It is the best way to bring out the creativity and think outside the box and make a unique piece of work. Even with audio, students can play with the voices through the medium of technology.

Digital storytelling tools: Telling story is not effective if it’s not creative, it’s a way of communicating with others. To tell a story, person should be creative therefore digital telling tools are best way to explore your creativity.

What is Today’s Smartwatch?

Article by Andrew Devlin, Group User Experience Director at AKQA and Bertrand Everwyn, Senior Technical Delivery Manager at AKQA

Since the early 80’s, smartwatches have been the next big thing. However, until very recently none of the products launched had a real impact considering their relatively small sales and general appeal to the mass market. For a long time, technology has been the limiting factor and tech brands were mainly owning this market. They were targeting very specific needs and consumers such as fitness enthusiasts, runners or cyclists. During the last 5 years however, technology has evolved at an incredible pace has never been so powerful to build compelling digital experiences with.

In recent years lifestyle brands – and even luxury brands such as TAG Heuer –  have entered the market with products that are highly attuned to their customers’ needs. Traditional watchmakers have been able to embrace Silicon Valley technology to unlock future potential with a more digital-savvy, always-on audience. Decades of watchmaking heritage and craftsmanship are now blended with this new digital world to offer something more, to cater for their consumers’ ever-increasing demands in a Connected World.

To be successful, smartwatches must answer the needs of their users. Smartwatches should not be an extension of a smartphone; they also need to enhance their users’ experiences. For traditional watchmakers, this is the next generation of technology to innovate with. This is one of the most important innovations for them since the quartz watches a few decades ago. With the new TAG Heuer Connected modular 45, TAG Heuer saw an opportunity to engage a much younger audience that will become their next generation of customers, and they take this smartwatch market very seriously.

While technology is still a key factor for consumers looking to invest in a smartwatch, more traditional watchmakers must meet the expectation of also delivering a piece of art, crafted as a timeless heirloom. Lifestyle and luxury brands are merging modern technology with their heritage to create the optimum watch experience that combines the best of both worlds.

People wear traditional watches for a reason, doing so long before smartwatches were around. We now find ourselves in a place where we see technology enhancing the devices themselves, in a way that seamlessly fits why people wear a watch in the first place. You no longer have to wear a watch for style OR utility, you can have the best of both worlds, and this is how lifestyle brands are affecting the market, increasing appeal to a broader audience.

As technology continues to advance, smartwatches will become even further integrated into the ecosystems we build around us – in our homes, in our cars, and everywhere we go. We will have access to smartwatches that are more versatile, that we can use for a breadth of reasons – to exercise, for business, or at home to control our other connected devices.

With the rapid emergence of artificial intelligence and sophisticated biometric sensors, our watches will become pivotal as an interface providing us with what we need, when we need it. As smartwatches become more powerful, intelligent and connected to other smart products, they will offer even greater value to owners in their everyday lives. Their potential is still largely untapped, and lifestyle brands will play a large part in continued adoption of the technology if they continue to meet the aesthetic and utility needs of their users.

If they do this, smartwatches have the real opportunity to become the natural extension of our technological ecosystems, providing a wide range of additional value in our everyday lives, that we will just consider as being the new norm.