Ehang AVR-IOS-05-3 2.0 iOS Compatible GHOST DRONE VR, White/Blue

Ehang AVR-IOS-05-3 2.0 iOS Compatible GHOST DRONE VR, White/Blue

  • Head-tracking EHANG VR Goggles let you see through the eyes of the GHOST DRONE for a truly immersive experience with video transmission built directly into the goggles
  • EHANG A.I. camera shoots 4K video and 12 mega pixel photos with a F/2.8 aperture 93 degree wide angle field-of-view lens
  • No training needed - Requires Android or iOS device and the EHANG Play App for Aviator Tilt Control, Companion Mode, Waypoint Mode, Microcontroller, and Auto Return with a tap on the device screen
  • Fly for up to 25 minutes on a single charge with up to a half mile range for video down link transmission
  • Our self-tightening propellers are mounted on high-efficiency downward facing brushless motors to increase stability and weather resistance for better flight performance
GHOSTRDRONE 2.0 VR combines the EHANG's Avatar Control and VR Goggles for a completely unique, intuitive, and immersive flying experience. GHOSTDRONE is also proud to offer a one-of-a-kind Warranty Program that includes "No Fault" accident protection. EHANG will repair or replace your GHOSTRONE up to three times during the One Year Warranty period for any reason free of charge. EHANG even covers shipping both ways!

List Price: $ 899.99 Price: $ 464.94

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