Clean Food for Cancer

Clean Food for Cancer

The World Health Organization estimates that of the 6 million cancer cases diagnosed worldwide each year, 3 million are the result of poor diet. Having watched loved ones succumb to cancer, Clean Food for Cancer is Tamaryn Sutherns’ attempt to give cancer patients and their families the opportunity to look at some ideas and theories on nutrition and diet so they can make up their own minds about what works for them. Thorough research and expert advice from scientists, oncologists, dieticians and psychologists are interspersed with personal stories from cancer patients and their families, many of whom had to sift through masses of information on Google before they came up with personal solutions. Their experiences highlight the need for such a resource in today’s world of information overload and often conflicting advice. After an overview of cancer, its types and causes, the book introduces readers to ‘clean’ eating, from the more moderate approaches of eating a balanced diet and avoiding preservatives, hormones and other harmful toxins (going ‘organic’), to the more extreme approaches of vegetarianism and veganism. One chapter covers the controversy surrounding red meat, providing research and fi ndings from both sides of the pasture, and another to the fairly new concept, for South Africans at least, of raw food. The book also touches on various alternative holistic therapies, such as Ayurveda and Reiki as supplements for the more traditional treatments of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. The author is not out to provide a cure or an alternative to medical treatment, but rather to encourage patients, or anyone at risk of cancer, to adopt a diet that promotes good health and that might assist the treatment and recovery processes.
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