When I started out on the internet as a poor student looking for ways earn some extra money online I was shocked to discover the thousands of “work at home” offers claiming I could make thousands sitting at home in my pajamas. It sounded too good to be true and after spending the little money I had to try these programs I soon realized it was. Yet I was persistant to find a way to make a decent income from the internet. It seemed to me like the perfect job that I could do while being in school and still make money on the side. I joined paid survey sites, envelope stuffing, data entry and many other opportunities. The more time and money I spent on these opportunities the more I began to think that the only people making money were the shady companies offering these bogus jobs. What began as an exciting idea became a disheartening realization that I was simply wasting what little money I had and countless hours on these overhyped money making schemes. I have heard the saying “hope deferred makes the heart sick” and I can tell you that it is true. So I shelved the idea and spent the next 8 years working various jobs for low wages just to get by. Then one day I decided to give it another shot. The difference this time is I decided only to work with the big companies with solid reputations. That’s when I got into blogging and Google’s program called Adsense would pay me just for putting their ads on my blog. Google pays every time a click is made on one of the ads on my blog to be specific. Amazon also has a similar program. So I setup 10 simple blog pages based on different topics to see which one made the most money. To my surprise I found that just one of these blogs was earning me more than all the other 9 combined. I was only making between to each day but it sparked that excitement I felt all those years ago. In my excitement I shared my meager success with my father who in turn said “Now all you have to do is scale it”. That made perfect sens
Price: $ 7.61
Sold by Kobo U.S

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