Blackview BV7000 Pro Review: Durable On A Budget


The BV7000 Pro is a nice durable phone with few compromises.

Blackview isn’t exactly a well-known brand in the U.S. and other markets outside of China, but we’ve reviewed a number of their smartphones here and one of the latest to hit our desk is the BV7000 Pro, a rugged smartphone that boasts supreme durability without having to empty out your pockets. One of the first things we noticed about the BV7000 Pro is that it’s actually a decent looking device compared to some of the other smartphones out there that are built for Durability, and it isn’t too heavy which was kind of shocking as I was expecting it to feel a little more he… |

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  1. Cool phone Bv is doing a great try … but in that range : AMG to me is way more appealing (does promises strength and performance as a “regular competitive smartphone” … to launch the first rugged dual camera and resistance to everything) … Still, i love that both ( AMG and Bv) are really defying their style and not imitating Samsung 😀 AND NOW WE HAVE THE X1 GOLD 18K Edition :O !!

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