Acer VL7860 4K Projector Review: Is $1000 for Each 1K Worth it?

For years, 4K projectors have been limited to only the most elite home theater buyers, often costing a minimum of $ 15,000 and for the past decade were only produced by a single company in the market: Sony.

In 2018, however, there are a whole slew of 4K projectors rapidly hitting the tv market, some costing as low as a tenth of that price at retail. The laser-powered Acer VL7860 is in the sweet spot of that spectrum at just shy of $ 4,000 and includes all the same features you’d come to expect on a standard 4K flatscreen including HDR and a 120Hz max refresh rate, but will the projector’s mortal enemy – ambient room lighting – be its ultimate downfall?

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