Rumors Speaks: What is iOS7 expected to be?

iOS7 is Apple Inc’s new product that is expected to be unveiled for the very first time at the Worlds’ Developers Conference (WDC) that is scheduled to be held on 10th June 2013. However, much before its release there are several rumors floating in tech realm that brings forth a mixed feeling. From a new design to delay in release of the phone, the yet to be released iOS7 is jostling amidst a lot of anticipation and expectation.

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With iOS7, Apple is trying to make a considerable departure from its original design. However, for the longest time, the iOS had an undeterred design.  In the past each up gradation of the iOS was only incremental in nature incorporating minor changes such as the inclusion of new keys, folders and wallpaper options.  However, this is not going to be the case with iOS7.  With Sir Jonathan Ive, spearheading the design team at Apple Inc., the new iOS7 will have flat design which will appear less ornate and real. Taking hint from the media reports and Apples occasional advocacy in connection with iOS7, simply zesty ltd, a digital agency recently published a presentation on showcasing components of flat design. The design demonstrated in the slides received positive reviews with thousands of patient users trying to envisage certain unique features of the yet to be released OS. Although, the real test will only come to light, once the phone is made available in the market for purchase. It will be quite interesting to see how the tech evangelist and users react towards this resolute shift by Apple.

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Apart from the design it is also rumored that iOS7 will also overhaul change in its UI (user interface). Coupled with a new design, iOS7 is expected to be very simple and easy to use. It will have a highly intuitive interface that will appear elegant, yet quite simple to handle. Through iOS7, Apple is reportedly trying to usher in set of advance features, such as greater gesture control, fingerprint recognition and improved NFC functions.

Another interesting assumption that has surfed recently is that Apple is finally going Widgets with iOS7. This is perhaps the much awaited change that iPhone users as well its critiques are expecting for a very long time.  Widgets are a very useful component of a Smartphone that is deeply inherent in all Android propelled devices and gizmos. It essentially improves user experience by prompting quick access to relevant information or for initiating any alterations in app settings.

The lock screen of the new iOS7 has also become a matter of much deliberation amongst top designer and iPhone developers. Designer Rafael Justino recently released his rendition of concept video for iOS7. He majorly focused on lock screen customization which will perhaps be a very interesting feature of the OS.  This indeed would be a dynamic interface change that most certainly will enhance the appeal of all iOS7 driven devices.

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Microsoft took a huge risk with Windows 8 by doing away with certain key components that was synonymous with the name. It is very evident is that with iOS7, Apple is perhaps tying to achieve the same.  The reception that Windows 8 received was not a positive one. However, it will not be wise to conclude a similar fate for iOS7. The reason for this is that Windows 8 is software meant for desktop computers and laptops while iOS7 is an OS designed for iPhone and iPad.  Prevailing situation indicates that fulcrum is higher towards the Smartphone and wireless device than towards PC, which is why iOS7 is likely hit the home run. Secondly, Apple past record has been impeccable. Since, 2007 each time Apple has unveiled a product in the market it has been a huge success with sales hitting the roof.

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