Microsoft vs. Google: The view from the Office 365 trenches

But in the trenches, Microsoft and partners are focused on much more mundane realities. In the Office 365 vs. Google Apps arena, specifically, the battle is pitched and nasty.


During last week’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Houston, Microsoft Chief Operating Officer Kevin Turner reiterated something he said at the previous year’s partner conference: That Microsoft and partners should not lose a single potential Office 365 sale to Google. (A year ago, Turner even offered to personally help and intervene if need be.)

This year, there were a number of public sessions for the 14,000 or so WPC attendees about selling Office 365. And there seemingly was at least one (though likely more) private one. The “Winning with Office 365 Every Time: Resources and Approach” — despite the fact it was clearly marked “Do Not Publish,” somehow made it onto Microsoft’s Web site….
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