5 Must Have BlackBerry Apps To Look And Feel Your Best

Want to go for a new look this winter? Looking for styling tips to look your best at your friend’s wedding? Need some assistance to help you shed off some weight? If yes, look no further than the following five handy BlackBerry apps.

Beauty Product Reviews

Heading out to splurge on some cosmetics or skin products? Do you fancy a particular product but unsure whether it is good or not, or whether it will suit your skin? Wondering whether you could have some reviews about the product before you finally buy it? If yes, think no more and download Beauty Product Reviews on your BlackBerry device right away! As the name suggests, this fantastic app features over 280,000 customer reviews on anything and everything beauty you can think ok. The app is packed with an exhaustive list of beauty products ranging from skin care to hair care to blow dryers, make-up, nail care, to anti-aging products, and much more! It features some of the most popular and hot favorite brands, and besides, you can even lay your hands on offers of free samples, coupons, and other interesting deals from your favorite brands.


Like the name suggests, whether you’re looking to give yourself a perfect look this summer or whether you’re looking for styling tips to keep up with the current trends, Lookz is the app you’re looking for! Created by the prominent and renowned makeup artist Barry Mero, Lookz is a promising app that offers its users tutorials for makeup, nail, and fashion. It helps you stay in line with the current trend by giving you tips, gossip, and news on the latest trends. The app is packed with useful tutorials to teach its users a range of things right from basic makeup application techniques to advanced looks such as catwalk, Bollywood, Goth, Emo, Clubbing, and celebrity-inspired looks! If you fancy a particular look, you can save it onto your favorites and use it later, or share them with friends and family if you like. Giving you access to handy makeup and cosmetic tips on the go, Lookz is definitely an essential app that will help you look your best!

Healthy Recipes

They key to beautiful skin and hair largely depends on the lifestyle that you follow, which also includes the kind of diet that you maintain. Yes, if you wish to look your best, you’ve got to make sure that you follow a healthy diet and Healthy Recipes is one app for your BlackBerry device that can effectively assist you with this! The key is to avoid eating junk food from outside and to eat healthy home cooked meals as often as possible. The Healthy Recipes app allows you to select and browse through a comprehensive list of over 200,000 healthy recipes available. The app also guides you regarding the count in calories, fats, carbohydrates, nutrients, and so on, for each recipe – brilliant! Overall, this is a great app to help you eat healthy, save money, and to keep a tab on the calories and fats you are consuming!

My Fitness Pal

If you’re trying hard to shed off some of that extra weight and to keep a strict check on your diet, no app will help you more on your BlackBerry device than Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal. Equipped with the largest food database of any BlackBerry calorie counter of over 1,700,000 foods that get updated on a daily basis, there is no denying of the fact that this is arguably the best diet app you could lay your hands on. It tracks all the major nutrients, fats, carbohydrates, calories, proteins, cholesterol, fiber, and more. Besides, the apps food entry is strikingly fast and easy. What’s more, it even remembers your favorites, letting you add and save multiple foods at once! Furthermore, the app even features over 350 exercises and allows you to track cardio and strength training, including sets, and weight. All in all, this nifty app is a one stop destination for all your dieting and weight reducing needs.

Endomondo Sports Tracker

In order to look beautiful, young, and healthy, some form of outdoor workout is extremely essential for the body. Endomondo Sports Tracker is a popular and efficient app that literally serves as your personal coach and training partner. Be it any form of outdoor activity such as running, skiing, cycling, hiking, or walking, Endomondo Sports Tracker uses the built-in GPS of your BlackBerry device to track your workouts! The app tracks a range of workout aspects such as distance covered, duration, speeds, calories burnt, heart rate, the route taken, and much more. Moreover, the app even offers audio feedback for every mile or km that you cover. You can even hook up with friends on Endomondo via social networks to share or compare your workouts in real-time or even race against their time!

Anna Baker, the author of this post, works at Capilia Truly You, a hair restoration clinic in Mississauga. She is a huge fan of cosmetics and through her blog posts she likes to advise people on various beauty related topics.

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