How to Make Your Smartphone into a Projector

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ig_image (1)Smart phones have become part of daily life for most. While they have a lot of functions, one of the most commonly used is multimedia capabilities. However, since they are a personal device, sharing your multimedia with others isn’t always easy. If you’ve grown tired of passing your phone around the room to multiple people to show them a video you took or a photo slide show, this DIY project is right up your alley. With a few inexpensive household items, most of which are probably tucked away in a drawer somewhere already, you can create this clever projector box. The construction is simple following the below step-by-step instructions to guide you through the project. Turning your smartphone into a projector is a far more convenient way to show your friends and family multimedia from your smartphone, and the best part is how much money you can save by making it yourself!

Source: eBay Deals Blog

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