5 Fantastic Educational Apps For Your IPad

Every day we learn something new and if you have a penchant for learning at home, work, or on the go, there are quite a slew of apps out there that can help you. From reading to math to history to art, there is an app out there that will draw your interest and educate at the same time. These are especially beneficial for children. With summer comes many days of potential boredom, so here are a couple of the best educational apps that you will find.

IBM Think

This is an app that charts the evolution of technology. But, it’s actually the Think pop-up exhibit that was held at New Your City’s Lincoln Center in 2011 just re-imagined into app form. Inspired by centuries of scientific innovation, the IBM Think app sets out to show how early tools were used and have evolved into the amazing modern technological creations and masterpieces we see in today’s world.


DailyArt is a unique app that delivers a picture, painting, or art piece and information about the artist and the art you are seeing. It’s your daily dose of classic painting education and each day you will receive a push notification. Open it and you will learn about Picasso, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and many others. This is a great app to have when you go to a museum or if you want to become an aspiring artist yourself.


This is an app that many iPad lovers use. As a Wikipedia reader, not only will this app serve up the usual content of crowd sourced information from willing bodies around the world, but it also visualizes the links between the articles. You can explore an article from Wikipedia and the articles will only be part of the appeal of this app, because it lets you discover other interesting articles through connections you might not have even expected.

Wonders of the Universe

This app is truly incredible thanks to the stunning images, 3D rendering engine, video, text and overall content. Accompanied by a brand new interface and style, this app works like nothing else that is interactive. Browse through the galaxies, the stars and read more about everything we know about space. Our universe is rendered in amazing and stunning detail from the clouds of galaxies down to the subatomic building blocks necessary for the formation of life.


The main app interface shows up as a bookshelf with language dictionaries along its shelves. Tap on a dictionary and download it to your device. Once that’s done, you now can access it online or offline which is a huge plus. You can use the very clean looking interface which features no more than 2 buttons at any time to type in a query and get a result quickly and with ease. But, you can also brown the entire dictionary word for word which ensures context of the word and how it’s used in the large scheme of things. This app is a great tool for when traveling abroad or just wanting to learn how to say things in another language.

Now that you have 5 different apps that might find a way onto your device, it’s time to learn and have fun at the same time. Education can be fun and it’s getting easier to learn every day with new and upcoming apps. Educate your mind and you educate your soul.

The author of today’s post, Jenny Wadlow, writes for Somers Elite Training, a company specializing in providing hospitality training courses across Melbourne and Victoria. She enjoys cooking and baking in her leisure time. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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