Useful Tips for Successful Android Apps Development

Useful Tips for Successful Android Apps Development

Android, the OS promoted by Google, has earned unparalleled popularity for its enormous flexibility and array of improved features that provide superlative smart phone experience to the end users. Today, Android has grabbed a lion’s share in the world market, giving a hard competition to its nearest competitor iPhone, as well as to other smart phones. Android OS supports a wide range of mobile applications, be it business, education, health, travel or entertainment. This provides the Android apps developers with a great opportunity to enhance their developmental skills on applications of different categories.

Every developer would like to develop applications that are superior in terms of quality, utility and functionality. Following are some helpful guidelines for the Android apps developers to develop successful mobile applications:

Fundamental knowledge and enhancing skill set:

Having the in-depth knowledge of SQL basics is crucial for developing robust Android apps. It is also recommended to learn XML, since fixing problems with Android applications become easier if the developer understands Android XML schema well. A developer must be updated about latest trends, tools and technologies for creating interactive Android applications. There are several blogs, forums and online tutorials available over the internet, which provide new tips and tricks about Android apps development.

Adopting a strategic plan:

Like any other web development, Android apps development also needs to follow a well-defined life cycle for getting quality products. The developer must have a clear cut idea about what kind of application has to be developed, the way it will perform and which functionalities have to be incorporated in that particular application. A proper planning is important to save time for apps development, which can be suitably used for marketing and promotion of the application.

Rigorous testing of Android Apps:

Testing is critical for every Android apps development lifecycle, irrespective of the size of the project. Since Google Play has no stringent rule for application submission, the Android developers should thoroughly test the apps before submission to ensure better performance for meeting the expectation of the users. End users never like a faulty application, which is why it is better to run rigorous testing for error free Android apps development.

Dividing large applications into smaller segments:

A programmer has to work on different verticals with varying range of complexity. It is always recommended to fragment larger applications into smaller pieces for easy management of programming. This facilitates easy coding and ensures faster loading, also involves minimum number of resources and saves valuable time.

Using static analysers:

Killing bugs is important for applications to achieve higher ratings from the users. Java is well-suited with meaningful compiler warnings and advice based on static analysis. The developers of Android apps should try static analysers along with compiler warnings and FindBugs so that the tools are able to find bugs more effectively with minimum number of false positives.

Reviewing sample codes:

Android SDK kit contains few samples including source codes, which provide reliable information for activating certain functionalities or features in the application. Being familiar with various sample codes helps a novice developer to become comfortable with Android apps development.

Finally, it is needless to say that no developer has to manually develop all the Android apps today, since writing the code from scratch is a huge challenge for any developer. A wide range of readily accessible platforms with drag and drop facility are available now, which can be used for easy Android apps development. This does not require any knowledge of coding and the developer does not have to write any program. Moreover, the developer is free to make real-time changes within the platform even after the Android application is complete and live in the Android marketplace.

Author Bio: Sarah is a college student with a major in computer science. Mobile apps development is her passion and now-a-day she has transformed her high-tech hobby into professional skill to earn money.

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