5 Amazing Gadgets for Travellers

5 Amazing Gadgets for Travellers

Shopping for family members and friends can be hard work. It can be extremely difficult to find that special item that people need and that will be useful to them without wasting precious space. It is especially hard to shop for those who are avid travellers. Thankfully, there are a few things that work for every type of traveller. These gifts are great for everyone from the day trip fan to those who travel for months at a time. Five amazing gadgets for travellers are the Amazon Kindle, George Foreman USB iGrill, iStraw Emergency Water Filter, Firefly Water Bottle Light and Chargepod.

One of the best gifts to get for an avid traveller is an Amazon Kindle. The Kindle is useful to travellers for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons being that it very easy for individuals to download books about the area they are going to be in, along with translation books, so they have them ready when they arrive at their final destination. The Kindle is also a great gift for those who travel for business so that the business man or woman will have something to read during long airport layovers. Another great gift for travellers is the George Foreman USB iGrill. This little grill can be used easily in a hotel as it gets its energy directly from the USB. In addition, cooks can download recipes to this fun grill in order to have delicious food while on the go.

The iStraw Emergency Water Filter is also on the must have list for serious travellers and those who spend a lot of time overseas. The iStraw Emergency Water Filter is light weight, inexpensive and reusable. The best thing about it though is the fact it gets rid of roughly 99% of the bacteria that can be found in water, saving the owner from getting sick while on holiday. Camping fans will love the gift of a Firefly Water Bottle Light. This lightweight gadget easily turns the camper’s water bottle in to a bright light so they can see their way around their campsite at night.

The final item on the list of the five most amazing gadgets for travellers is the Chargepod. This handy item is able to charge six different tech gadgets using only one outlet. It is also compatible with over 3,000 devices making it the perfect gift for business travelers, recreation travelers and everyone in between.

Regardless of if the individual is braving the wilds of the Amazon or taking in a show at the Royal Albert Hall London, the gift giver can’t go wrong with the purchase of one of these gadgets for the traveller in their life.


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